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Christmas ambiance - a table under the stars

Learn more about how to set a holiday table full of inspired ambiance with candles, 
gilded glassware and fresh garland.

Sometimes a sprinkle of ambiance is all you need.
And this Christmas table setting started with just a few simple things
like fresh garland, favorite dishes and stemware
and creamy white taper candles in vintage candlestick holders.
And then I got a bit of a wild hair...

I tend to get those wild hairs often.
And you know- sometimes they are just plain wild.
But others? Well, other times they make you smile.

So that wild hair and I? 
We bonded while I snapped for photos.
You see, this table setting started with just a simple- 
and then got all wild and delightful.

It really has just a few elements.
A fresh cedar garland.
Favorite gold wine stems. 
Amber wine stems
delicate lace detailed plates 
gilded chargers.

And those on repeat everywhere I can get away with it 
vintage brass candlesticks.

And it looked super pretty as it was... but then-  that wild hair came into play. 
Okay, it isn't really wild- 
but between us-
it was key to finishing the table and bringing in the most delicious ambiance.
A beautiful gathering of Candles.

And not just a few.
We are talking over 60 candles folks.

Tall tapers
chunky mason jars
and even a couple tea lights.

On repeat. 
Marching down the tabletop.
Gathered up and flickering away.
I started with tapers
added the glass jars 
and then the votives
 (place them in a lid or something similar or they will leak)

and then
I placed a few tea lights in vintage glass and gold compotes to add an extra bit of sparkle too- 

you know, because the first 55 candles on the table just weren't cutting it.
 haha. Okay. It might be an excessive amount of candles- I will admit.
But it looks so pretty for a dinner party.
Christmas music in the background. Candles flickering away.
Good food. Good friends. A wonderful holiday inspired evening.
I am so there.

It was such a fun table to set up and style and I am in love with all the ambiance 
those gathered candles add. 

Oh- and best part? 

Dollar Store folks- super inexpensive and they come in sets and individuals

(Stay tuned- I might have styled the table 2 ways) 

Don't miss any of my friends sharing their gorgeous inspirations today.


  1. So in love with all those candles! #neverenoughcandles

  2. I am loving this so much Courtney - truly, all of your tables are gorgeous but this one is truly stunning! The ambiance of the candles just can't be beat! (and you know, I might just have to try this one;))


  3. Stunning! I adore your use of candles. It looks magical!