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Antique Marble Fireplace Details

It is all in the details... 
and when it comes to an antique marble fireplace mantel and surround-
well, those details are pretty incredible.

Last week I shared the Christmas tree that is out in the cottage-
and a sneak peek of the antique fireplace mantel that we just installed.

You might remember this mantel from the summer.
It was a craigslist find along with another one - a 2 for 1 special if you will
and this one was in quite a few pieces as it had broken.
But... you know me. 
I see a diamond in the rough.... even though it might look like coal.
And these were definitely diamonds in the rough...

Honestly, I wasn't bothered in the least by the damage
and the many pieces it was in. 

Number one- those cracks and bits and puzzle pieces back together are just patina and character to me.
And number two- these mantels already had my heart the first time
 I saw them in all those pieces. 
I knew they were treasures.

In order to put humpty dumpty back together again and get this mantel installed- we needed a backing.  A piece of chunky board with an arch cut out was the ticket.

We used a glue of sorts that works on marble after using the usual marble tiling methods
 didn't hold those heavy pieces and...
cue another break.

You can see how even when puzzled back together- you can tell they are broken pieces
and we could fill the cracks in like when tiling- but I don't mind the look.

After the front pieces were secure and dry in place-
my husband built the sides to create the 'fireplace' a fire box area 
and a way to set the mantel slab on top.

Then the box was secured to the studs in the wall. 
This is a faux fireplace in this room for now- though we are looking at adding a gas insert or building a chimney possibly. 

And so the inside was bare as it was.
We used black to add depth and create more of a real fireplace look in the room.
I added birch logs, string lights and called it good.

You can read more about the 'Before' in this post 
and stay tuned to see where the next one goes. 

What do you think of it? 
I am feeling like this gorgeous marble fireplace
 is perfection.


  1. I'm so glad you rescued these pieces. I LOVE them sooooo much. Well done on puzzling them back together. It fits so perfectly in there. xx

  2. I love this. Anything beautiful we can preserve from the past in this Era of harshness is precious.

  3. I agree with you. The mantel is so special and the cracks just make it even better!

  4. I love finding discards and figuring out how to incorporate them into my home. Giving new life to unwanted pieces makes a home specially curated to your own unique taste.

  5. What a beautiful job that is gorgeous

  6. So beautiful. I love it too. So glad you gave it a home. I’m curious, were you searching for fireplace mantles when you found it? How was it listed? I can’t recall being that fortunate.

  7. It certainly is PERFECTION in my mind!! I love that you shared about its entire story too. It looks wonderful with the logs and lights. I once had a faux fireplace that had a rotating crackling fake log fire glowing red that plugged in. Just gave the illusion of a fire but no heat and when I put a vintage gold fireplace screen in front of it it was magical!

  8. You and your husband are a good have the vision and he had the talent; lucky for you both!

  9. Your insight and creativity are boundless! Your successful efforts of bringing new life into old treasures totally inspires me. Gorgeous!

  10. It is absolutely stunning and love your back story as to how you gave it new life!

  11. Looks beautiful, cracks and all. lol I love that you are still using something that is less than perfect. Beautiful with the birch and lights. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Wow! It is amazing the things one can find on Craigslist.....
    It is stunning and I agree, cracks add to its character
    Great find....stunning look

  13. This is so beautiful! Love how you have placed the wood inside with lighting. I created a similar fireplace with a wooden antique mantle long ago in the late 1980's, but instead of making a "firebox", we put shelves inside and a solid black door on the firebox opening, and we use it as a bar in our diningroom!

  14. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Having something pieced back together means more to you and a lot of us that truly love and respect the antique finds we come across. Marble lends itself to this type of piecing since it is naturally an imperfect substance. Kudos to the husbands/partners out there that help some of us piece together our dreamscapes.

  15. LOVE them! I would jump on these in a heartbeat if I saw them for sale.

  16. Great job reconstructing the marble mantle! It looks fantastic! Marble is very easy to break! Kudos to you and your husband for taking on that tedious task. A gas insert will be a must for the future with a remote control. It still looks awesome with the lights and logs. I totally love those pink peony flowers! Keep up the awesome job!!

  17. I wouldn't care about the cracks either..I always say we all have did the same thing with an old wooden mantle..we built a box and hearth and installed a gas fireplace..happy for your find!!!