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Design Influencers Conference- and why you should attend

When you find a conference that brings together amazing designers and influencers and some of the most incredible brands and partnership opportunities- along with friendship, laughter and memories in the making

from one of our shopping ventures- coffee and beautiful sinks!

you make sure to clear the weekend so you can attend.

In the world of blogging, design and decor and design, decor blogging... there are very few conferences out there that are a perfect fit.  I have been to several conferences over the past going on 8 years of blogging- and this is one that I felt instantly connected to the very first time I attended. 
 I fell in love with the people  I met and with the conference experience and I came away with a whole new group of good friends and so much confidence 
and renewed energy about blogging.

I met Design Bloggers Conference at High Point Market in the fall of 2015-
where they asked me to join them as a speaker in 2016.  I was pretty sure I might trip (rogue ankle) or fall over while on stage... but a dream offer to be able to join them and as a speaker- so I said YES.
And good news. I went that spring. I spoke on the stage. AND I did not trip or fall over. 
And that trip to the conference was a game changer for me and for my blog.

I was quite nervous I stood there on stage and then...
there was a friendly face sitting in the audience who smiled at me and nodded the whole time
while I spoke. So when I got extra jittery- I looked right at her and forgot 
that there were 300+ people watching me.
After speaking, I found her while mingling in the hallway and I hugged her instantly- even though we had never met. I learned that Mindy is not only a kind soul- she is an incredible interior designer 
( she has been my phone a friend on more than one occasion!) 
and she has since become  a good friend. 

You see, Design Influencers Conference isn't just about what sessions you attend, 
 how many business cards you hand out  or even the after parties 
( though I highly recommend all of those things.) 
It is a conference that is fueled from inspiration and creativity and information.
And the connections you make,  the relationships that start and blossom over those 2 days- 
are invaluable. 
I have met some of my closest friends through this conference-
and made some of the most amazing business connections through this conference. 

Many of you know that Adam , Luba and Bev- who run all things behind the scenes of the conference are near and dear to my heart.  I consider them each to be my close friends and confidantes 
and they are huge supporters of the designers, influencers and people they meet at their conferences and everywhere.  

So aside from business inspiration and information, brand connections and lifelong friendships 
and allllll that above- why else should you go?  

If you dream of being a designer, decorator, influencer
 If you already are a designers, decorator and influencer.  
If you are looking for a whole lot of inspiration and ideas 
If you are looking for what direction you might want to go in, 
want to know how to grow your business through social media,  
want to meet magazine editors and brands who can become partners  
and find friendship and mentors who are happy to support you and your goals. 
Want to have a lot of fun and laugh a lot and leave this conference fired up to take a step towards where you want to be.
You should go.
And something new this year- two tracks. 
One for designers/influencers and one for brands and home furnishing industries. 
So if you have a store or business or brand and are looking for ways to connect with designers and influencers- perfect for you too.

So mark your calendars- February 24-26th- and
here is a a peek at just a few of the speakers you can expect to see there- as well as some of the amazing sponsors. I will share more favorites that I am looking forward to in the next post as well.

These speakers- seriously star studded and accomplished.



Opening Keynote



Monday Keynote



Tuesday Keynote



Featured Speaker

And these are some of the sponsors this year- I am so excited to get to know each of them better.
Read more about each of these sponsors and more here and also by clicking on each of their names

I know you are probably already well aware of Ballard Designs - and they are one of my favorites for beautiful home decor, furniture and accessories. They have the most beautiful collections and designs- and something fun- they also show you how to put a room together in a snap on their site.

Incredible French inspired elements. Those candelabras and candlesticks that I have on my fireplaces are from Aidan Gray- adore their attention to detail and classic stylings.

This is one I am excited to learn more about. I have been on the hunt for a new mattress that checks all the boxes for awhile now. Ours is going on beyond needing to be replaced. So I am excited to learn more about Signature Sleep and see what they are all about.

I love Universal Furniture- they are always a favorite on the Design Bloggers Tour at High Point Market. Their pieces are wonderfully styled and hit the right note on so many levels including being an trend and beautiful option that is well priced.

Remember that fabric where we poured wine and coffee on it and rubbed dirt into it, wrote in a marker  and did all the things you would never want to do on your beautiful white sofa? Crypton Fabric is king when it comes to performance fabrics. And yes, all of those things came right out. I am planning on adding a second set of slips for my new sofas in Crypton Linen fabric- it really is incredible.

Crypton fabric on Highland House chair

Currey and Company just gets me. From classic, elegant designs to lamps that I MUST HAVE. The blush lamps in my bedroom are Currey and Co. And those crystal covered sconces that just arrived last month are too. I love their designs and am excited to see what is new in 2019. 

Find more info about this years amazing line up HERE 

And I will be there as a Mentor and signing my book- I would love to meet you and am happy to set aside some time to connect and chat- just drop me a note. 
courtney (at) thefrenchcountrycottage (dot) net 

And here is my first report back on the conference if you would like more info.

Happy Monday everyone.

Disclosure- I am a Mentor at Design Influencers Conference this year but all opinions and love of Adam, Luba, Bev and the conference is my own.


  1. I consider myself more of a lifestyle blogger vs. a designer. Would you still recommend this conference for someone like me?

    1. Absolutely! When I first went I didn't know what I would think being more of a lifestyle/diy blogger- but it was wonderful and the designers were so great to get to know. I think one of the wonderful things about this conference is that both professional designers and bloggers can learn from each other and help each other. This post is my recap from my first time attending- it might help explain more. Hope you decide to go!

    2. Ooops- here you go Mary!

  2. I hope to go one year. I can't attend this upcoming year, but perhaps 2020. Looks like so much fun xx

  3. That conference sounds amazing! Still think it's such a small world that you work with Adam since he used to oversee the magazine I worked at in St. Louis!

  4. What is the date of the conference? Is it in High Point NC? What does it cost to attend? thank you-- VERY interested in going! Rynn