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Fabulous Florals- French Country Cottage Florals with Balsam Hill

Fabulous & Faux....
introducing the latest addition to the 
French Country Cottage Florals Collection with Balsam Hill.

One of the questions I am asked often is how do these florals get their start?
How do you design them- and how does Balsam Hill 
get them to look so much like the fresh floral inspiration? 
So today, I'm sharing a bit more about the collection
and how it all came together.

When Balsam Hill asked me about designing a collection of florals for them
I pretty much fell over. 
I mean, this amazing company that I absolutely love working with on Christmas-
that had amazing designers working with them on wreaths and florals already-
wanted little old me to design florals...
it almost didn't seem real to be honest.
But it was. 
And I was BEYOND excited to have the chance to create and design my first branded collection with a company that I love.

They asked me to design specific things- for example-
3 arrangements, 2 wreaths, a garland, etc.
and to me that was definitely more like 10 arrangements, 
5 wreaths and several garlands... you know- for options.
I sketched a few ideas I had and ordered flowers and greens
and then started playing. 
my kitchen Literally looked like a flowers market.

Which is totally not a bad thing at all.
When designing each piece- I thought about what I wanted in an arrangement
 that would last longer than a week.
Peonies that bloomed for years. 
Garden roses with ruffly petals and pretty soft muted colors
with eucalyptus. 
Fresh garden inspired wreaths with loads of details and natural touches.
And sweet little vintage containers for holding them.

I designed, photographed and sent off what I thought would be perfect for the collection and  they looked at what they thought were the best fit for Balsam Hill
and then sent those off to be sampled

When the samples arrive- 
 it is all about thumbs up, tweaking or going in a different direction.
You just never know how that sample will look.
Balsam Hill has high standards for realistic flowers and greenery and so-
 if the sampled florals aren't measuring up- they are a no -go.
And I remember when I walked into the sample area at Balsam Hill and saw the pieces 
I had created sitting there looking pretty... so much fun- and so surreal.

After the samples are tweaked and approved- they go into production!
And boxes and boxes of them arrive several months later.
We work about a year ahead - so these designs were sent in well over a year ago for consideration.
It really is such a neat thing to be a part of and the process of design to sample to on the shelf- so amazing.
I am so honored to work with Balsam Hill on these florals and 
we are celebrating that this is the second year of the 
French Country Cottage Floral Collection for Balsam Hill
(stay tuned for a giveaway at the bottom) 

While we are already hard at work on next years collection- 
I thought I would share a closer look at what is in the collection this spring.

An olive leaf base with white larkspur, white lilac, 
white/green thistle and sprigs of lavender tucked in.

Here are a couple photos of the fresh original design of this wreath:

It was a simple, fresh French inspired wreath. I was looking for a more subtle monochromatic look
with a few French countryside colors like lavender. 

This is how the faux version turned out:

A burst of spring sunshine that will last all year long

After sampling, just a bit of yellow sprigs 
 were added to the faux version for a bit more color and charm
and it is so beautiful in person.
I am in love with how it turned out.

Balsam Hill does an incredible job not only with their Christmas greenery
but also with faux florals.
Here are the originals and the faux versions of the other items in my collection this season.

Fresh Inspiration

Fresh design

The Loire Valley is one of my favorites- so welcoming and soft- and so realistic.  
see more here: 

Yes that is FAUX!! 

Here is my fresh design :

The next one is one that Balsam Hill took an arrangement I created and tweaked it and expanded into a beautiful wreath. They are amazing.

My fresh design: 

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Happy Monday and April 1st everyone.


  1. So very beautiful and fresh! Love all the designs.

  2. The French Market floral wreath does remind me of the French countryside, especially with the touches of lavender, a favorite.

  3. So many beautiful florals! I am sure you are enjoying all of the lovely blooms and greenery in your home! Balsam Hill does have lovely products!

  4. I love the Loire Valley Arrangement it is so fresh.