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French Antique Inspirations & What I love at Eloquence

(Hint: Everything) 

High Point Market is Always a fun, inspiring and beauty filled experience.
 But sometimes, there is a little extra sprinkle of magic involved. 
Like my book signing in the fall and my most recent spring trip.
And they both involved Eloquence.

It is no secret at all that I love all things Eloquence.
Obsessed might be a better word to sum it up.
I mean, chippy paint, gilding, antiques and reproductions that fit together seamlessly
and the most insane crystal dripping goodness chandeliers and stately old mottled mirrors ...
how could I not be obsessed?
And if I was truthful- from the very first time I first stepped into the Eloquence showroom-
 that obsession has been real.
This is a long standing love affair guys.

This is one of the 1st photos I took when I visited.
I am probably on camera somewhere with my mouth wide open as I walked through.
And I do the same even now.

A lot has changed since I first fell head over heels with Eloquence
Their small showroom has become a two story destination showroom at Market.
Their beautiful elegant designs have grown into even more amazing pieces and include lighting
and their name and showroom have become synonymous with The Best there is for 
European antiques and reproductions which has sent their brand soaring to new heights.

And a lot has stayed the same.

Their beautiful curated aesthetic and offerings-
 the one that makes you feel as if you are in a brocante 
in a charming country shop
is much like patina and has only gotten better. 

From chairs with chipping paint 
to cupboards with hand worn wood

To pieces that have the most exquisite amount of character and charm

and the best...
with all their success, the folks behind Eloquence are the same amazing, kind and generous 
people as when they first started out.

I love their latest new pieces- these gorgeous gilded chairs are actually kind of insane they are so good. These are actually reproductions- and the details are so good you would not believe they were not vintage.

I love that these are slipcovered as well.
 One of the best things about the Eloquence sofas that 
I have in my living room are that they are slipcovered in a beautiful linen. 

Sweet Pea and those little grand dogs of mine love to run and jump right up...
 and an Italian husband who loves red wine and coffee    
 can wreak havoc on white furniture. 
And people always ask how I keep these clean- seriously, slipcovers are they way to go.

These reproduction chairs are some of my absolute favorites as well.

One of the things I love about their designs is that the proportions are so good.
I am not a fan of oversized, super deep furniture- which is one of the reasons I love vintage.
These chairs are close to vintage proportions- with just enough extra room to create a cozy seat to relax in. And can we talk about the gilding and chippy paint?! 
Seriously. These are reproductions that look authentic.

And these new reproduction dining chairs - also slipcovered-  are wonderful.
I love the simple classic lines- which I am finding myself drawn to more and more lately
and they are wonderfully comfortable as well.

I know I gush about Eloquence often...but can you blame me? 
I have a serious Big Time CRUSH on all things Eloquence- 
I love everything about their style and what they do- and I adore the folks behind the brand. 

At market this spring, 
I was thrilled to join them for dinner and
 a magical evening in the showroom.

If you thought the showroom was incredible during the day- 
you would not believe it by candle and dim chandelier light.
Pretty much insane.
Every nook and cranny was filled with even more ambiance- if that is even possible.

Here is a quick tour when I first arrived:

The evening was wonderful-  filled with good food, good conversation and good friends in the most stunning of settings. And a whole lot of my cheeks hurting in the best way from laughing so much.

 I mentioned that new old piece that just arrived from Eloquence yesterday in my random weekend post- and stay tuned for a closer look at all that gorgeousness.
And I am ordering a few more treasures that I will be sharing down the road as well.

They currently have a new container that just arrived- and quite a few markdowns in the vintage and sample section- so if you have been dreaming about bringing a bit of Eloquence home- take a peek.

They also just launched their own candle- Parisian Peony- and it smells incredible.
You can shop all things Eloquence directly now on their new website- or through Bella Cottage. 

I just shared more of the new Antique Cupboard here - It is most definitely love.

And question of the day... what is your favorite piece from Eloquence- and if you could choose 1 piece to bring home today- what would it be?

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Hands down Eloquence is my favorite showroom and you are so right, the owners are truly friendly!

  2. I love the mirrors all of them, they are chippy and wonderful. Of course chairs are also a favorite of mine.

  3. IMPOSSIBLE to choose just one piece! Thanks for the tour of their showroom, loved it! I can see they love chandeliers as much as I do😀