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Getting ready for winter & entertaining

I have said it before- I am a summer loving girl... but I do love the other seasons too. They each have something different to offer that is beautiful. Do you know what I love about winter?

The snow?  No- you can keep that-  I just don't get the love of frozen noses, toes and fingers.
But hey- there are a few things I love about the winter season. The holidays- of course.
And the ambiance.
The candles and the cozy evenings curled up by a warm fire in the fireplace.

And that fireplace means wood.
We have an old original and huge 1940's fireplace in our living room- and it is one of our main sources of heat for the winter.  So that means- we need firewood-  and lots of it.

We generally have a pile of wood ready to be split around mid- July and there is often quite a bit of it that needs to be cut with a chainsaw before splitting.

So you can imagine that my husband was pretty thrilled to try out this new 60 volt lithiom Ion 18" chainsaw from my parter Greenworks this autumn.

Just like all of Greenworks tools- this one is powered by rechargeable battery.

Which means no cords,  no gas, no gas smell - and no emissions.
My favorite part as I  have mentioned before is the easy recharging with all the tools having interchangeable batteries and chargers- which makes it super easy to go from one tool and job to the next &  I don't need to have a whole room dedicated to lots of tool chargers.

You might remember that I was just in North Carolina for a fun day with Greenworks where we learned a ton about their tools and what is coming up (exciting stuff folks!) and it involved white water rafting and driving an amazing mower that I really wanted to stuff into my suitcase and bring home.  haha.

I will share a recap of the day soon- and one of the tools we learned about what this chainsaw and I knew right away my husband would love it. He had a small chainsaw for small jobs- but  needed the larger to help with those bigger jobs. (and some of the jobs I have on the honey-do list. haha)

Best part is that aside from making easy work of tackling that firewood pile- it works for me too.
My husband sliced off a few rounds of wood for me to use for a table setting- ( in just a few minutes!)   I love to use these as charger plates- or as serving platters for cakes or nibbles. And even better- stack them up and create a tiered serving platter.

All around the Greenworks chainsaw is perfect tool for household work like getting ready for winter or cleaning the property-  and for entertaining.  You can read more about this chainsaw details and all about the power and add one to your tool arsenal HERE 

And remember how I mentioned that Greenworks tool batteries are interchangeable for using in other tools?
Well,  if you already have Greenworks tools with a battery that you can swap as needed- (and if not- why not?)  then you can add this chainsaw that doesn't come with a battery for a super steal of a price right now.   A Perfect gift for those power tool loving folks for Christmas!

I am off to see about a few more of those logs rounds... and will share more of this table coming up.
Happy Wednesday all!

*Disclosure- this post is sponsored by Greenworks - but my love of Greenworks and their tools is all my own.


  1. Hi Courtney, will you be releasing a calendar for 2020? :)

    1. Maybe!! We will see if I can get it all together soon! Fun stuff coming to the shop for the holidays too! :)

  2. Everything's so warm and inviting love the dinner table thank you so much for sharing

  3. LOVE the tree rounds for the dining table. How thick are the thin ones?, please. Should love to use these on the table at Christmas time. Oh how beautiful with a hand crocheted ivory table cover and these and antique sterling
    , my antique sterling flatware and some really old china, linens and lots of beautiful flowers