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20 Minute DIY Fresh Greens & Orange Holiday Wreath

Classic and charming-
citrus and fresh greens is always a welcome look for the holidays.

And creating a wreath and adding that charm in 20 minutes or less? Well in the busy and bustle- this is one thing that is so easy to make in a snap.

Today it is all about 20 minute decorating- that kind of decorating where you can snap your fingers and get something done like.that. No hours spent running around, moving furniture or redecorating a whole space.

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Today it is all about this simple, easy to create fresh greens and citrus wreath.
Which was inspired by a few things really-
it kind of started with my husband doing some trimming of a few trees outside
which led to a whole lot of fresh greens clippings.

Here is what I used:

Fresh pine greens
Grapevine wreath
Orange slice potpourri
White tallow berries
Velvet ribbon

You will need a glue gun to create this wreath- and if you would like- you can also use wire.

I saw those green clippings and decided to create a wreath with them. It is so easy to simply tuck branches of greens of any kind into a grapevine wreath- hot glue if you need to- but I find often just tucking in between 2 branches does the trick.

After you get your greens placed- start adding your orange slices. You can layer a couple together, keep them all separate, add them in just a few spots or all over- there is no wrong way to do it.
Hot glue them into place- but do be careful of overly hot hot glue- when I created this wreath I remembered why this was a hot glue gun that I don't use often. I got a tiny bit on my finger and it peeled several layers of skin right off in a split second.

Up next- add your tallow berries. You can use fresh or faux- they both have a similar look. I just tucked a few small sprigs here and there.

Then it is time for anything else you may want to add- ligustrum berries, sprigs of other greens, cranberries- your imagination is the only limit.
Once you are happy with how it looks- add your velvet bow or simply tie your ribbon for a more modern look- and enjoy.

Such a simple easy wreath that adds a ton of charm wherever you place it.

What do you think of how this wreath turned out?

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  1. Just beautiful as always, Courtney! This wreath is on my Christmas to-do list!

  2. I love this look and fresh greenery smells so delicious around the house!


  3. A nice wreath looks very nice with lights.

  4. Love your wreath! Keep a bowl of ice water handy when you are using your glue gun. If you dip your finger with the hot glue on it in the water immediately it really helps prevent severe burns...or switch to low melt glue.

    1. This wreath is so stunning, just like you 💗


  5. This is so beautiful, Courtney. Love the mix of dried oranges and those berries. xx