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7 Ideas for decorating with faux flowers

You already know that I am a huge fresh flowers kind of girl.

Flowers just add that certain something and finishing touch to a room.  Whether in a big showy arrangement or a small and simple one.
And sometimes- those flowers might have a secret.

Sometimes your room just needs a galvanized bucket of garden roses
or a bouquet of hydrangeas
with a mix of eucalyptus and the most delightful ruffly garden roses.

But maybe it is the time of year when there are none in stock at your local markets
and you aren't up for spending a small fortune to have fresh ones shipped from a specialty shop.
That is a perfect opportunity for faux.
Even if you don't normally have them in your home.

Faux flowers of today are not like faux flowers of yesterday.
They are not those oddly colored, plastic looking creations.
Good faux florals are absolutely realistic now- minus the scent and falling petals.

You might remember a couple of years ago when my faux floral line with Balsam Hill came out.
We had a couple of wreaths and arrangements and added to them last year.
And I have heard from so many of you how much you enjoy them in your home- and today is all about sharing a few ideas for using faux wreaths and florals. 

Basically-  how you can incorporate  them into your home all year long. 
 Even when the fresh market is a bit bare and you have guests coming - 
you can easily create a simple ambiance 
by bringing out the faux. 

#1. Garland on a table

This is the Marseille Meadow garland I designed- used on a table as a centerpiece.
It is simple and easy- and you can also add in fresh flowers to create something that is a mix.

#2. Dress up a cupboard

For a simple charming farmhouse look - grab a wreath for the front of a cupboard.
This is the French Market wreath in my collection- it is currently sold out but should hopefully be back in the next month.

#3. In a tote

This is so simple to do- just place your flowers inside a market tote 
and set by the sofa or chair or wherever you would like to enjoy.
I also love to do this with fresh flowers- just need to plan for the container of water 
placed inside.

#4. On a bike

This is a whimsical way to welcome guests to your home or add a fun photo spot
 for a party or special occasion. 
And it is something you can do year round- even when flowers are not blooming.
These are outdoor safe and are perfect for using for your window boxes as well.

#5. On the Mantel

This arrangement is one of my favorites- called the Loire Valley - 
it is full of eucalyptus, hydrangeas and garden roses. It is a softer year round palette- the creamy whites with yellow warms up a winter home- and fits just as easily on the sideboard in summer.
And the best part is- on the mantel you don't have to worry about fresh flowers drying out too quickly 
 from the heat from the fireplace. 

#6. Mix in with real

Yes indeed- this is a favorite tip.
Start with real foliage such as the Christmas greens and eucalyptus- or greens from your yard.
And tuck a few faux flower stems in to create an arrangement.

These big roses are all faux- 
I simply tucked a few in with the greens and a few small roses
for a fresh/faux arrangement.

#7. Think outside the box ( or vase) 

The Brittany Rose arrangement from my collection comes in a galvanized bucket for a bit of a whimsical look- 

something that is easy to do is to place those real or faux arrangements into a different container for a different look.

I placed it inside a vintage picnic basket as an idea for someone who has a more colorful
modern farmhouse style.
Simple and easy to make it look completely different.

I hope that helps answer some of those questions about using faux flowers and wreaths
in your home- and you can use code FCC10off to take an extra 10% off Anything at Balsam Hill through the end of January- even things marked sale or clearance.

Happy Thursday all. 


  1. I love all the ideas, specifically the wreath.

  2. Pretty tips. I love the mix of fresh and faux

  3. Oh my gosh those roses look so incredibly real!

  4. Fabulous ideas! I love using faux flowers to bring a special touch to my home when the real aren’t available. I’ll definitely be trying some of these.

  5. Had my own business a few years ago Weddings in fact, the bride's were especially surprised to see how lovely the bouquets looked and how reasonable. My business was called The Little Flower.. I became ill and was unable to continue. But it was a good idea for faux flowers.CeeCee Mc