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7 ways to add French farmhouse charm to your bathroom

Whenever I am getting ready to travel anywhere- I tend to do one thing. 
Which leads to about 27 other things that I didn't even think about doing until the suitcase came out.

 If you are like me... you know exactly what I am talking about... 
And it might start with something to do with that whole before traveling
 ' I have to deep clean everything'  thing... but you know that is just the beginning.

You know what comes next.
After scrubbing & bleaching the grout in the bathrooms,  power washing the rugs and washing the curtains, changing the bedding in every room, dusting and hand scrubbing the kitchen floor like you are Cinderella... (oh yes- you know what I am talking about) 
Well- you would think you would be done. 
But those things all lead to more. 

Because somehow deep cleaning leads to editing decor and then... 
the 'now I have to redecorate every room in the house Before going on vacation' feeling. 

It happens to the best of us. 
I mean, you change the bedding and dust the artwork and pretty soon you are looking at that blank wall over there and deciding it needs a little something. And so on. And before you know it- you are ordering new artwork to go with the new layout of the room.

I am just saying-  it happens. 
For some reason- going out of town is a major decorating motivator. 
Anyone else? 

The good news is that today I am talking about 5 ways to add a French Farmhouse style charm to your bathroom- and you don't need to be going out of town to give them a go.

#1. Baskets for storage

So simple and so charming- using baskets as storage.  For towels, for makeup for all those bathroom bits we need to be in the bathroom but don't necessarily want to see out and about. 
Baskets are great when you don't have a closet or a medicine cabinet for tucking things away- and they look charming at the same time. Find similar baskets here & Hamper here

#2. A farmhouse base for sinks 

When it comes to your sink area-oftentimes again- people go for the boxy type units that add storage. Which is totally understandable. But now you know that a basket can do a perfect job- and so you can  use whatever vanity base you would like.  We used this one here 

This is a console table we converted into a vanity. You can read more about it here.

#3. Old Buffet 

This is another option- that gives you a bit of a middle of the road approach. This is a small antique buffet that I found at a yard sale that was missing a door on one side- so I took the other door off and we converted it into a sink vanity. Those missing doors are now perfect areas for holding towels- and the bottom center drawer will open for storing make up and other bits.

#4. A Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs just make you instantly think of all things vintage charming. This one is a reproduction cast iron tub- and they make them in fiberglass versions as well if you need something lighter.

 Just simply removing those clunky big built in boxed tubs and replacing it with a freestanding tub will make your space feel bigger and lighter- and also add a quintessential old charm.  You can find a similar tub here.

#5. A piece of furniture

Not all bathrooms are big enough for adding a piece of furniture- but if you have the space- it can make your bathroom feel much more like a well designed room. Whether you can add an armoire or cupboard for storage- or just a small rustic chair or stool in place of a more modern one- those pieces will instantly add a farmhouse charm.  Find this farmhouse style stool here 

#6. Add patina 

Patina plays a huge part in farmhouse and French farmhouse style- and I for one cannot get enough of it.  I love old silvered woods, tarnished metals and any vintage style texture. A couple ideas are to add a board to the tub for holding things and add a mirror with old ghosting and brassy old gilded patina and even something as simple as an old brass door knob will add that charm.

#7.  Vintage buckets 

Trash cans in the bathroom are a necessity but they don't have to look like your everyday trashcan. I have a galvanized feed bucket in the bathroom for trash currently but you could also easily use a vintage bucket or container and it would be incredibly charming.  

These are just a few ideas- and all but changing your vanity configuration or ripping out a bathtub and putting a clawfoot tub in- can be done in a snap. So, if you do get the itch to redecorate everything before vacation- you can do a couple of these simple things and call it good and get back to packing for your trip.

Happy Wednesday all. 

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  1. I so love your bathrooms, I have done the same with the trash can, I don't have your conventional bathroom trash can. I have a basket in one and a metal bucket in the master bath.:)

    1. It is so much better than a trash can right? I love old buckets and baskets in their place.

  2. Those clawfoot tubs are beautiful, but as I'm aging, I realize how impractical they are. I broke my foot a couple years ago and had trouble using our generic tub/shower. I think my reno will replace the tub with a nice, safe shower.

    1. Safety first always. Tubs can be hard to get in and out of for sure. They have bathtubs that you can walk into now for safety and mobility issues that might interest you- and of course- showers are always good too.

  3. Wow, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one to deep clean before a trip! Coming home to a clean fresh house sometimes is the best part of the trip!

  4. I love your armoire! Do you mind if I ask where it is available?

  5. Did you paint the armoire and if so, what is the color?