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Chicken Wire Dream Board

When I was sorting through all those 
vintage frames and mirrors for the Gallery Wall  I put up in our hallway
I rediscovered a few beauties and set aside a chunky large gold frame for another project.

I love making chalkboards out of vintage frames~ I do it all the time actually
so naturally you would think a big old gold frame would be turning into a chalkboard over here.

But sometimes I get a wild hair and do something different.
I was loving the frame by itself which is how I have had it displayed
but I wanted something that was beautiful as well as useful for the office area.
So... this is what came to mind while I stared at it.

A chicken wire and a vintage frame  dream board
It's not a new idea- they have been popping up here and there in blogland for awhile now.  
So since I have several chalkboards already, this large chunky frame seemed like a perfect candidate
 for getting some chicken wire on.

Such an easy project.
Here's what you need to make one:

a vintage or new frame in the size you would like
a roll (or large enough piece) of chicken wire  
staple gun and staples
snips or scissors to cut the wire
 bits to hold your little inspirations like clothespins, safety pins etc. 

Start off by laying your frame upside down and laying the chicken wire on it. 
It's not easy to hold it down when it's been rolled up- so I like to use the professional method here.
Staple the cut side of the chicken wire to hold it to one side the frame,
unroll it and then step on it to hold it.
Cut it to size being careful to not to cut it too short.

take your staple gun and staple away
I started on one side then went up to the top and worked my way over to the other side 
making sure to pull the chicken wire tight as I stapled.
I folded over or hammered down any sharp or extra pieces as well

Here's the back all chicken wired, stapled and ready to go.

Simple, easy and literally about 10 minutes start to finish.
Here's how it came out.

I left the back without a covering because I wanted it to feel open and light
but you could add a back to it if you would like

So perfect to save little bits of inspiration on

I'm excited to get it loaded up with inspirations and ideas-
I clipped a few little things on to show how it works.

 I'll share more when I share the changes I made to my office
 in another post

 Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What a cool idea! So pretty!

  2. Looks great and you can do lots different things with that now

    I really like that idea and think I'll try your idea , and paint it all white

  3. Courtney,
    These frames are so much fun to have around and I am sure that will enjoy yours.


  4. It looks beautiful, Courtney! I love these chicken wire frames, but have only done one since I had a heck of a time working with it.

  5. What a great idea. Looks really great and useful also.
    Happy Spring

  6. Love this idea and the frame is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  7. Beautiful. I did a project much like this last year with an ornate frame and chicken wire, but I really love the lettering you put on this. Definitely dreamy! :)

  8. LOVE this - it's even better with your bits of inspiration Courtney!

  9. Great idea, Courtney. So pretty and I might have to steal it for my Snuggery..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. I've never seen that idea before-so creative and so pretty!

  11. Beautiful idea-love!!!!!!
    Have a nice day!

  12. Okay sister .. Under websters .. Dictionary ( I have decided to submit your name under the definition of AWESOME ) love it all (always) Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  13. That frame is gorgeous. I love the chicken wire with it!

  14. Hi Courtney!!!

    Great idea!!!!

    My goodness woman (and I say that with respect), I absolutely love your Blog!!! This is such a great idea!!! You could use it for anything!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!


  15. Oh my, this is so beautiful, so soft and romantic!

    Love it!


  16. What a pretty frame Courtney, and what a great idea.So creative,something that could be used anywhere and look good.Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Your chicken-wire frame is so pretty, Courtney. You did a great job on it! You are right, that chicken-wire can be a "booger" to work with and it can be rough on the hands if you forget to put on gloves. Your tutorial was really good. Thanks for showing us how it was done!

  18. Absolutely love framed chicken wire. Last year, I created a similar bulletin board with chicken wire and burlap. It's still one of my fave projects of all time.

  19. This is sooo pretty! What a great idea and a nice change from the usual boards! Adorable!

  20. Love this idea...Very Pretty...but everything you do is beautiful

  21. such a grewat idea!!!!! thanks dear !!!

  22. Looks terrific! Fantastic idea!

  23. Stapling just makes it so easy - I will definitely give this a try - thanks!

    Dee at the Carlton

  24. Wow! It's looks amazing. Thanks for the idea...I'll try that sometime when I come across one since I have a feeling I got rid of a similar frame a while ago.. oh never mind.

  25. Adorable! And it will be useful too!

  26. OK I did not see this post till today. I was out buying screen & wire to do the same thing!! I bought several, like 10 frames, from a office that was closing. They look like the same as yours but in 3 different sizes. I wanted a way to hang sprigs of lavender or rosemary, sage and lemon tyme all which I grow, to make my room smell better. And wine labels from our newest finds and of course photos. And these frames fit our decor better than what I was finding out there. We are the smartest women we know!!
    Barbara Ann

  27. Pretty and practical-it has it all! Thanks for showing us how it's done!

  28. You can take an ordinary item as chicken wire look so elegant!...Just love it!

  29. Lovely idea! Just pinned this onto my Crafty board on Pinterest. Hope to get around to doing something similar some day!