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Boxwood napkin rings~ diy

I love playing around with table settings.
Choosing which gorgeous dishes to use
pairing them with the perfect flatware
and setting out each of the elegant wine glasses 

I love the ambiance and charm that the pieces on the table bring to the setting.
 I also think about the napkins and which ones to use
and the ever present table setting question...
do I need napkin rings... and if so... which napkin rings to choose.

A secret:
 I don't have a ton of a ready to go napkin rings around the house 
I usually will make my own when I need them
with maybe a piece of string or ribbon tied simply

or simply fold the napkin and place it under the plate
But sometimes... you just want a napkin ring
or something to tie around the flatware instead of having it set perfectly.

Something popped into my head while I was making something else awhile back
and I jotted it down to remember at the time
It seemed perfect for this table and this time of year 
so I decided to give them a try.

Boxwood napkin rings.

Seriously simple. Seriously charming.
I happen to be a big fan of boxwood... uhm... like a big fan. 
I love it's leafy green color and it's full leaves and just how delicate they are
Yea, I might have a few growing in my yard. ;)

So I clipped just a few pieces of the ends of branches and got to work.
One of the easiest diy's ever- and so awesome for a
 last minute special touch for a table.

What you need:

boxwood clippings

Here are the super detailed instructions...

Take the boxwood and wrap  the wire around it
and form a small wreath
then add more boxwood as needed for fullness.

Seriously detailed, I know.
I just love simple project like this. 

Then repeat for as many as you would like to make for your table. 
I should note that since you are working with clippings that are not
preserved- these will dry out- 
so you probably won't want to make them a month ahead of time for a party.

I'll be sharing the rest of the table setting soon
but for now~I am joining this amazing group for a fantabulous
Christmas Extravaganza blog hop
filled with so many ideas and inspirations

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 Come share your Christmas décor, recipes and more!

Love simple boxwood wreaths- big and small?
Here's a post I did recently that has more detailed instructions - though not much more- it pretty simple too! 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Lovely! I too have a boxwood obsession, passion and these little wreath napkin rings are such a charming idea and simple enough that even I cannot procrastinate making them.

  2. Love your boxwood ring, it is so stunning and simple!!

  3. So pretty Courtney, simple and sweet.

  4. LOVE the simplicity of it! While it's perfect for Christmas, you could do it any time of year. Looks like I need to go out and get a boxwood now!

  5. Love these. They are so pretty. Can't pass up a quick project with such a fabulous final look!

  6. Simple and elegant. Great idea, love all the vintage silverware:)

  7. Waaaaah....I miss having boxwood! I wish that I thought to have my daughter send me some from our giant shrubs in NY. We don't have any where we are now. I love seeing all of yours....enjoy!

  8. Very Oooh-la-la gorgeous Courtney! It's been so fun to party again with you this week! xo Heather

  9. Gorgeous as always Courtney. I have those same gray snowflake napkins! :)

  10. I love boxwood in small, delicate projects like these--so pretty, Courtney, and not over-the-top fussy--I like them!

  11. So delicate and lovely... love the simply understated look... and boxwoods make my heart flutter.