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O Christmas tree

Yes, I might be singing along with Christmas songs over here while decking the halls, 
and decorating trees and mantels.

I start by putting Christmas music on my ipod
and then start bringing out the boxes that are filled with the 
Christmas trinkets and treasures

One ornament at a time 

 Stepping back to see where each one needs to go
and then placing it in a perfect spot where it belongs in the tree.

Then repeat.

About 5 dozen times.

Then when all the ornaments are up and the tree is lit
you step back again, sigh and admire how beautiful it looks

This is a new tree this year from Balsam Hill 
and yes

I am in love with it

 It's simple, beautiful. elegant
it is faux and looks so amazingly real... each needle is so detailed and realistic
It's absolutely incredibly lifelike with molded technology taken from samples of real trees
So on top of it being beautiful- this one also has a secret.

 from Balsam Hill and when I was offered an opportunity to choose a beautiful Balsam Hill 
tree to decorate I jumped on it. 
 I wasn't sure how I would decorate it when I ordered it -but when it arrived
and I saw it's dark green color
and it's amazing detailed needles
beautiful shades of whites, silvers and a woodsy feeling came to mind.
Favorite feature- No cords to plug in- the light connectors are all in the center and each section simply plugs in when you place the sections together. 

After setting the tree up and fluffing I started with various shades and sizes of white baubles
 and then added a couple icicles, mercury glass pinecones and a handful of pale pinks 

Then it was time to bring in some woodsy touches with the snowy pinecones 
a few berries and some gathered twigs tucked into the branches.

I love how turned out.

So about that secret...
This tree has it's own remote and with the simple click of a button
it can go from soft, and subdued white lights...
to a little bold and beautiful 
with colorful lights

 you can use both the white lights and the colored lights together
and have a razmatazz amazing tree that looks very vintage.

My husband and kids love this- because I am always so quiet with my decor and
they love bright colorful lights
 so we can take turns changing them easily with the remote
 and everyone is happy. 

So there you have our woodland cottage Christmas tree from Balsam Hill.

Stop by and see this amazing tree being shared over at Jeanne Oliver today as well 
I am in LOVE with all her vintage touches- and that clock... sigh.

and all the other Balsam Hill trees being shared too! 
They are all completely beautiful!!!
Here's the line-up

Monday December 2nd:

don't forget to come back on Sunday 
for an amazing giveaway with Balsam Hill!
It's a big one

I am also joining this group of amazing bloggers sharing some Christmas inspiration
as they Deck The Halls

You won't want to miss any of them~ seriously amazing inspiration.

Don't forget that the Home For the Holidays and Holiday Housewalk tours are going on all week!!
I have been pinning and pinning all the inspirations!!

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and visit the Housewalk over at Jennifer Rizzo~
where there is even more inspiration being shared!

Housewalk 2013

Happy Friday!!

sharing at

I was not compensated for this post- but was provided with a tree to decorate
and share. All opinions and designs are my own of course.

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  1. Gorgeous Courtney~ What a fabulous tree! I love that it has the remote-light changing function!

  2. Beautiful tree, Courtney and how cool that you can use colored and clear lights. My tiny tree in the sunroom is a Balsam Hill I bought last year and I have a large tree from them I have owned for years, but not using anymore. My lighted garland outside is Balsam Hill, too.

  3. Courtney…your tree is amazing!…I have been in the market for a new tree as my 12 foot tree is just to large for us now…I love how the tree lights can change colors…you have decorated it so impeccably…So wonderful to party with you today! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your tree is beautiful and I think I like the vintage look the best. I had no idea you could get lights that would give the tree different effects, that is a neat idea.

  5. What a neat tree, Courtney. I think my "grown" kids would love it, too. My favorite look is still the soft white lights, but that vintage vibe where they're combined with the colored lights is pretty cool.

  6. It is gorgeous Courtney! That light trick is really neat too! Pinned it and I'll be sharing it today on my page ;)

  7. So so lovely! I love your home.

  8. Your tree is beautiful but you have such a lovely touch with everything you do so that's no surprise! Thank you for Decking The Halls with us! Have a perfect weekend ~ Ann

  9. Your tree looks beautiful, Courtney! I'm partial to white lights myself so I love that look on your tree.

  10. Totally understand about the lights going from colored to white. My own family thinks my vintage/shabby/French country style is too dull. They always want more color (probably because my kids weren't old enough to remember my crazy-color phase when the kitchen was painted a bright shade of pinky-red called "Late Tomato" and the dining room was done in yellow stripes. ). We compromised by adding a color-lighted garland to the window behind the tree. Everyone's happy. ;) BTW LOVE the "real" look of your tree. Must be time for us to get a new one!

  11. Courtney it's so beautiful!! But I had no doubt it would be. It's fun to see the different lighting options, so cool! It's been great participating in the Balsam Hill Christmas Bloggers with you. Blessings to you my talented friend!


  12. Super crazy good, LOVE LOVE LOVE your shots of your gorgeous home and beautiful tree!

  13. oh my goodness. I think I need a new tree! :) Gorgeous.

  14. Absolutely divine....Love everything you did!
    Merry Christmas!


  15. I love this! That is so cool that you can switch the lights from clear to color (or both)! Looks beautiful.

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap

  16. Courtney, what a breathtaking tree....those colored lights are stunning! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  17. Your tree looks beautiful and what a brilliant idea to be able to change from white to coloured lights!

  18. That is fantastic!! I didn't even know they had the changing lights. Your white balls are beautiful - I had a several sets of them and had to give to our children. Downsizing can be the pits!! Marisa

  19. The tree does look real, especially with the found branches. I always love your romantic dreamy style!

  20. Courtney, this is a gorgeous tree! I'm actually take a break from putting our tree up this evening. Love that you can change the look with the lights. How clever!

  21. Just lovely! looks great in the winter white color scheme and so fun in color- the best of both worlds! :)

  22. That tree is awesome Courtney! My boys would love one that did both white and then just colored lights. We normally do red, white and green lights but this year with our faux tree we did just white. I may have to have another new tree for next year!:)

  23. Absolutely deLIGHTful!! franki

  24. Now that's a tree! Love the remote and the options for lighting!

  25. What a cool tree! I love that the lights change from white to colored - that's going to be so useful from year to year!

  26. That is one gorgeous tree Courtney! I need a new tree so bad... I definitely need to check out Balsam Hill because I like how life-like this one looks.

  27. Gorgeous! Where did you get the pine cones?

  28. Thanks to your beautiful blog - and gorgeous tree - I just went to Balsam Hill and purchased a Balsam Fir tree! I can't wait for it to arrive!

  29. Absolutely stunning tree. Beautiful to start with but oh, so much more so with your decor skills!

  30. It turned out absolutely gorgeous! I love the white touches against the green, elegant and charming! And can't believe the tree is looks so real and beautiful.

  31. Love!! Where are the pearl white ball ornaments from?! So hard to come by.