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Simple shabby stockings

When I was decorating my office a few weeks ago 
setting up my white tree
and covering it in pale pink baubles

 I had visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.
Visions filled with old mottled mercury glass candlesticks, 
big old chunky pinecones gathering in front of the fireplace
a warm soft white fur tree skirt
a few shabby, romantic stockings.

I started gathering things and pulling the room together.
The tree was covered in ornaments
and draped with a furry white skirt and the mercury glass was on a table
but when it came to those stockings... well...
 I couldn't find the perfect stockings that were just so
with the perfect shades of pale prettiness.

So I made them.

Disclaimer: These are totally not fancy schmancy trimmed in something special or detailed with beads.
They are simple simple simple and simple to make.
 I started by taking some fabric that I had on hand that was the right color and pattern
 and tracing a stocking that was already made to get the right shape and size
Note: I did make them extra long - to allow for the cuff to fold in.
Then I cut it out, reversed the fabric and starting sewing..

They needed a cuff of some kind at the top and a little bit to hang them by
so I took a small piece of fabric and folded it over and sewed it together
and then folded the 'cuff' over and sewed the hanger in place.

They were so pretty when they were done.

After making a couple of them, I made a more subtle
more faded stocking- that I loved even more...
just by leaving the fabric inside out.

It shows a barely there floral print 
Now... since I am addicted to making simple projects like these
I am working on a couple more stockings that I picked the fabric up for today
and will be sharing those soon

They aren't perfect but are simple, sweet and shabby 

I'll be sharing the rest of the office wearing it's Christmas pretties soon
and today I am joining these bloggers in sharing Creating a Handmade Christmas

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  1. Just lovely, Courtney! These would be so easy to stitch up! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us! Merry Christmas! ~Christy

  2. I love homemade stockings and these are gorgeous.

  3. I have been wanting to do the sane thing but need a sewing machine, mine broke down years ago. I often turn the material inside out too for the faded floral look. I have a Rachel Ashwell Rosalie soa cover turned inside out on a sofa as an underneath layer of a white one. So just the ruffled trim show. It is so pretty. I LOVE your stockings!!!!!

  4. I love all your Christmas decoration your home is beautiful your homemade stocking are gorgeous.

  5. I love the pink ... so pretty!

  6. They are beautiful, Courtney! I love the way you have translated your look into Christmas style, too! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Hugs...Debbie

  7. So very beautiful, Courtney. I love your white tree. Gorgeous.

  8. They are so very special and beautiful Courtney!

  9. Beautiful stockings, Courtney.I know why you made them so long…they will hold more. Your tree is lovely. xoGinger

  10. Those are gorgeous Courtney! They are the perfect addition to your gorgeous office.

  11. I adore your stockings Courtney and you wouldn't have been able to find anything that pretty any where. So beautiful and I agree the inside out version is even more lovely. Thanks for joining us on the tour!!

  12. These are ridiculously beautiful!

  13. I love your shabby stockings - so perfect for your space!

  14. Your stockings are beautiful, Courtney. Yep, I love the inside out version best. :)

  15. Courtney your stockings are gorgeous! I think the whole room is stunning! Sigh I would love to have this whole look in my bedroom you did a beautiful job!!

  16. Beautiful stocking.....the fabric is so dreamy....<3

  17. Your stockings are so romantic and simply lovely Courtney! Adore them!