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French Cottage Kitchen Inspiration

So remember how I said that our dishwasher replacement 
revealed a few issues in the kitchen?

When we pulled the dishwasher out to replace it
we found a bit of water damage on the sink area/dw area
which meant cupboard damage
which meant we needed to replace things 
and that meant 
a mini- renovation in the kitchen.

photo credit (Mark Lohman)

Well... let's just say that the kitchen project has begun. 
Sawdust. Broken tile. Old yucky boards. 
 and everything including the kitchen sink
 all. over. the. place. and not working

I text a photo of the destruction taking place to my sister asking what I was thinking. 
I have declared that next time-  I am building a new kitchen 
and that I am so over retro-fitting and monkeying with the old to make the new fit. know me and my love of vintage houses.
I love the old. 
I love the character. 
I love the original details.
I am not one to strip all that away and make an old house have a new kitchen
 even if that would be much more amazingly simple.
and when I say 'much more amazingly simple'
 I mean  much.more.amazingly.simple.

(original kitchen)

When we started
we found that there are a few issues which are requiring some larger changes than planned. 
Oh fun.
Isn't that the way it always happens when remodeling? 
One thing leads to another to another and so on?

So for now- since I won't be sharing any photos of our kitchen any time soon
I thought I would  share some pretty pictures of cottage kitchens that are inspiring me. 
Some have one element I like, some have everything I like.
But the best part of all of them? 

These kitchens are all done.

You can find more and all the links on my Pinterest Board- Kitchen Dreams

This has been a favorite kitchen of mine for years.
The beadboard and the color of the cabinets 
paired with that beamed ceiling- gorgeous.

Chandelier and that sink - sigh.

That island is completely gorgeous

Love love love the color and details
and the bumped out sink

I don't have a ton of blue in my house... but this is making me think.

Love the chandelier (of course) but loving the open shelves too.

I shared this one on my Facebook page a few days ago-
I am not usually a brass girl- but I love this look.

Of course my kitchen is older than some of these
more cottage style and not nearly as detailed as some
and I will be keeping a lot about it that I love.

I loved our kitchen even when it looked terrible 
and made good choices for my style the first time we remodeled
so- yes, those things are staying.
It's more of a mini update- that has turned into a little bit bigger update 
and it is somewhat like a clean slate for making a few things that didn't
function very well work a little bit better

I will keep you posted on the progress here on my blog
and you can follow along on instagram or fb for more updates 
here and there

If you would like to see the BEFORE BEFORE (it's scary) 
and the BEFORE AFTER of our kitchen
 you can find it 

Happy Weekend!!
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  1. I will enjoy seeing the progress and outcome of your kitchen project.
    I have gutted and put in new kitchens in every house we have bought .. this is our first where we did nothing .
    The kitchen is sort of a Time Capsule of the architect of the day - it is slightly unusual and has a wall of 3 huge windows at the end where all the counters and work is done. So other than changing cupboard colors and maybe a new floor, the layout of the kitchen is good.
    I do have a soft spot for subway tile and soft colors though :)

  2. OMW, your kitchen is SO pretty!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration pics. We are currently trying to figure out what we want in our kitchen redo, but we are hoping for more cosmetic than total reno. Good luck with yours.

  4. Good luck with your kitchen. I loved seeing all the eye candy. My home is over 100 years old so I know how you feel. There is always a project going on in my home. Hang in there :)

  5. Kitchens are my favorite room of the house to look at pictures of. You have shared some beautiful photos here. I like the same details that you do. The blue and gold (I will call it) kitchen that was done by Sarah Richardson is to die for. It is my new favorite kitchen. I drool everytime I see it. Those brass details OH MY! Good luck with your kitchen reno and have fun! Nothing is more gratifying that putting blood sweat and possibly tears into a project then enjoying it when you are done. I hope you put some blue in. Everyone needs a touch of blue. It is really a neutral.
    I really enjoy your blog!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Sometimes the thing we think is trouble is really a blessing. Can you imagine if the leak continued and made an even bigger problem.
    Couldn't help but notice that the kitchens you like all have a bit of sparkle {chandelier in the kitchen - absolutely}, crisp soft white and vintage trimming. Enjoy putting things back together and making something new.

  7. Our house was built in the early 1920's in a summer beach neighborhood. When we purchased it, it was badly in need of renovation and retrofitting. I totally feel your pain! ;)

  8. You crack me up, Courtney!
    "All these kitchens are done!"
    My hubby's brother and sis-in-law have a paneled ceiling like that, stained dark and they love it. It took lots of work and measuring, and theirs is on a slanted ceiling, but it definitely adds character to the rooms.
    Your kitchen will be even more beautiful when you finish it than it already was! WE have complete faith in you!
    have a great weekend!

  9. Great inspiration photos, Courtney. Can't wait to see what you end up doing : )

  10. Hi Courtney!!!

    I HATE when you find something that has broken, like a dishwasher, and find out that it has caused other damage that will have to be repaired. Why can't it just break and have to be replaced? No, it has to slowly break down and cause other problems as well.

    I really LOVE the chandelier in the picture before the blue seated one.

    Try to enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!


  11. I will enjoy watching the progress I love the cottage and can't wait to see what you do next!

  12. I love your inspiration photos! I am anxious to see what you do. Once we get back home in April we also have a mini-renovation in the kitchen and I'm afraid to start. I love our cabinets but when the people bought the house from remodeled they built in their old, old appliances and it is difficult to find that mini-size now :-(

  13. Oh I feel your pain......been there and almost done. Keep your eye on the outcome. Can't wait to see it when you get done.

  14. I am very familiar with one thing leading to another. You get a construction cost to replace and kitchen and just like on TV where they are renovating kitchens there is always trouble in the wall or floors.
    I have learned to double any estimates I get.
    It will be fabulous when your done I am sure and yes we need pictures

  15. Love your inspiration photos... and I know how hard it is to have your kitchen torn apart, (I am still patiently waiting for a few more cabinets in ours) but it will come back together again soon... and beautifully!

  16. I am on my 4th house in 8 years and all of them have had the kitchens renovated to some degree .. 3 of them total guts.
    I kind of like it now, I get excited at the thought of the finished product and I do not complain about Take Out for dinner every day until it is finished. Looking at the Bright Side :)

  17. I know that this renovation will be lots of work for you, not to mention the disarray; however, with you at the helm, the end result will be so beautiful....loved all of the kitchen inspiration!

  18. So many inspirational photos, we are working on our kitchen, so I see more ideas. I love old houses too, we have a house of 1930 and try to keep all the characteristics of that time.
    I am for the first time on this blog and will be a new follower.

  19. hmm, I think you should show us pictures each day of the mess---I think it would be quite fun! I lived in an old cottage until we sold it 3 years ago. There were ALWAYS one thing leads to another in the repair area--but there is nothing like the homeyness of an old home.

  20. KITCHENS!! (They just make me want to tear my hair out!) And right after we got the kitchen done in out last house, of course my husband wanted to move to an old house WITH character, which meant it was WITHOUT storage. The kitchen is teeny, and poorly updated. I know what I want, know I need to sell internal organs to get it. Love your pins!

  21. Wouaouh !!! I love, I love, I love !!!
    Congratulations Courtney,
    Mariecapucine from Lorraine - France

  22. A lot of beautiful inspiration here. Wish I had all of that space to work with. Good Luck

  23. Thanks for the inspiration - I would love a new sparkling kitchen. Love the chandeliers in the kitchens - don't they add so much style and glamour! :O)