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A little bit farmhouse

Sometimes you find something that isn't necessarily
an exact perfect fit for your usual style
but that speaks your lingo in a big loud you have to have it kind of way.

Something wearing old crackled paint in white and red
with curvy little details and loads of charm

Well honestly,  it was also wearing quite a bit of dirt, leaves and grunge
but who was really paying attention to that? Not me. 
I spotted it while shopping the Re-Store 
and it was upside down when I first looked at it and shared it on instagram

So it wasn't the easiest to look at 
but I could see that chippy paint and it was calling to me

It was definitely grungy,  weathered and worn, it had a little broken spot on one shelf and a plain piece of plywood on the back that I believe was added a little bit later.
It was found outside sitting in the dirt at a house that the ReStore was cleaning up
and clearing out. They grabbed this piece at the last minute and threw it into the truck.

It was perfectly weathered and worn and even better-  it was half price day at the ReStore

Well... even at full price I would have been bringing this one home with me.
After a good spray down with the hose
 I carted that treasure into the little cottage to see if it would work in the dining area.

I'm liking it.  Filled with ironstone and whites- it's perfect.
though I am lacking in a few pieces for this display
which means more junking :)
I have plans for the backboard so will share an updated photo soon

Simple. Cottage. Farmhouse
and oh so charming

Yep, it was a good junking day.

Happy Monday everyone!
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  1. Great Piece Courtney! I saw you at our booth at Mes Amis on Sat. --Heather G. forgot to introduce us but it was nice to see you as you were leaving.

    1. Oh would have loved to have said hello!! Mes Amis was beautiful as always- hope it was a good show for you guys!!

  2. Saw this piece when you shared it over the weekend. I excitedly shared it with the Mr. Needless to say, he looked at me like I had lost my ever luving mind. I luv it!!
    Happy new week Courtney.
    Hugs, Gee

  3. Wow it certainly was a great junking day Courtney...what a fabulous find! It looks beautiful with your pretty white dishes and accessories!
    XO Barbara

  4. Great piece, Courtney. You and I both rescued salvage on our blogs today.

  5. What a great display piece for your whites, too, Courtney!

  6. Such a fabulous piece. I love it and all the fabulous dishes inside too.

  7. Beautiful, Courtney! Looks like a match made in Heaven. Enjoy the week.

  8. You have a great eye for beauty Courtney I love the piece it's beautiful in its chippy paint.


  9. It is so charming! I would have brought it home too.

  10. What a piece! LOVE the touches of red! What a great find, Courtney!

  11. Loove it,its really perfect !!xoxo

  12. Love, Love, Love the way it looks! Beautiful job!

  13. Beautiful piece Girl, you have such fun finding and using and we have such fun watching and getting inspiration rom you!

  14. That is a beautiful piece with a lot of character ...chippy is always lovely! Can't wait to see what you do with it later on. :)

  15. That sweet piece is just perfect for that space, Courtney! Don't you just love finds like that from the ReStore?! :) As for the backboard.....maybe some floral wallpaper.....? Can hardly wait to see what you have in mind! :)

    xoxo laurie

  16. Such a wonderful find and I can almost see it new back board re-newed by you!

  17. What a wonderful find! What a good day at the Restore.

  18. Great find. Love the restore. And I'm with Heavens Walk. Wallpaper or a toile fabric...dont forget to show us so we can ohh & awe it.
    Barbara Ann

  19. What a beautiful piece! Absolutely worth every money :-) Love your pics, the flowers and ironstone... Simply farm, cottage and wonderful... Alexandra

  20. Oh yes lovely! What a fun find.

  21. Love it Courtney....and great that you got such a great deal too....looks perfect on the wall with all of that gorgeous ironstone! Can't wait to see what do you with the backing!