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Crushing on... Copper

You know how it happens sometimes.
Something unexpected just randomly catches your eye
creates a spark of inspiration
and then finds itself coming home with you.

Most of the time when I go shopping
I might have something in mind that I am looking for
like a vase, a new set of dishes, a side table 
but I don't really know exactly what it is that I will end up being inspired by.
I went shopping with a friend of mine at HomeGoods recently
and as we wandered through the aisles chatting away
we bumped into something with a little copper charm.

It's chunky
a little wobbly on the bottom
and not perfectly round
but oh that gorgeous copper glow.

They had several sizes
 one was larger than this and one was a little smaller
but this one was just right.

I have just a couple pieces of copper- like this old strainer
that was found in a thrift store years ago.

I love how copper ages and gets that tarnished patina
but I also just love that glow that it has when it's polished.

There are so many ways to incorporate a little bit of copper 
It can be a collection of pots and pans or old molds
maybe canisters or a jar filled with copper utensils is perfect.
Or it can be something that makes more impact in a  room 
like a beautiful sink or a bathtub with a perfect patina.

via pinterest HERE 
via pinterest HERE 

Love hammered copper sinks- so pretty.

via pinterest HERE 

A  display of random sized pots and pans collected over the years
exudes charm

via pinterest HERE 

I am in love with that range hood
and I love the darker, more burnished look it has

via pinterest HERE 

There truly is just something about copper
and that rich, warm patina it has.

via pinterest HERE 

So when I saw this charming chunky copper kettle
and picked up that heavy handle and rubbed my fingers over its gorgeous polished patina 
it had me at hello 

My first thought for it was using it as a vase 
and I am pretty much in love with it sitting on the island
filled with those peonies from the beach a couple weeks ago 

It might be the start of a new collection

Happy Monday

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  1. Love this post, Courtney! I have an obsession with copper! I have a collection of pots and utensils hanging on my pot rack, over the cooktop. I polish them up; and then, I let them age again. Love copper both ways!

  2. Courtney, love it! Must be something in the air... I've been spotting little copper pots at the thrift store lately and have picked up a couple for really reasonable prices (read 'cheap'!) Using them around the house in various ways and loving the warm glow!!

    1. I have been seeing it more often in thrift stores too- sounds like you got some great pieces.

  3. Yes I like copper again in this time in my life. I bought new pan at Williams Sonoma the ruffoni pan in hammered silver and now I think I would have been happy with pretty copper pans.
    I love your sweet hammered copper pan

  4. Courtney, this post is fabulous. I adore copper and you scored with this pot.. How utterly charming in any kitchen decor especially french.

  5. I noticed this copper collection on Saturday at my HomeGoods~it was all imported from Hungary I think. Such a nice way to have a european collection in ones country kitchen. Love the way you put your flowers in the pot. xo

  6. What a great find. Love it. When we got engaged the in laws gave us a beautiful family crest made from copper to start our collection. Definitely something worth putting time and money into.

  7. I love copper pieces. My grandmother had several copper molds hanging in her kitchen that I always loved.

  8. Cannot believe that you found that beauty at HomeGoods...I will have to be on the lookout for one...I love copper and recently changed my kitchen cabinetry hardware to hammered copper knobs and pulls..Yes, I see you starting another wonderful collection!

  9. I wonder the flower name in the Copper. what kind of flower?

  10. I wonder the flower name in the copper. What kind of flower?

  11. I so love your copper find.!!! I have a snail hammer cup with cottton in at the moment, The flowers look awesome in the kettle.