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Painting wood plank walls

Our cottage has original knotty pine plank walls in almost every room. 
Even behind the tile in the bathrooms, there were planks of grooved knotty pine
It was the choice of wall material from the 1940's it seems.

Out in the little cottage- the theme continues
Recently we made some changes to add in more closet space
and a more formal entry area which involved constructing a new wall. 
Since the goal for each room whenever we have updated or renovated has been to keep that original charm- we knew that more  planked wood was going up.

 So many times I have gotten emails and questions about painting wood walls
and how you go about it.
So I thought that I would share the process since we started from scratch.

Here's what we started with.
We put the new planks up on the wall- and though they are not as detailed as the original knotty pine- they are very similar in size.
These planks are unfinished and you can find them at your home improvement store in several sizes, we chose an 8" wide board to somewhat match with the original sized planks.

Once the boards were up- it was time for a coat of creamy paint to warm up that wall.
The great thing about paint now- it comes in paint and primer mix in one.
No more taking the time to apply 3 coats of primer before painting 2 coats of color.
Since they are mixed together, you can simply paint a couple coats and call it good.
Note: if you are painting over the original stained wood- I would recommend a separate primer first.

I used Glidden® paint  in a simple warm white that has just a hint of color.
It is a custom color match and is not too blue and not too yellow- just a soft and perfect warm white.
 I also used a brush instead of a roller.

My favorite tool of choice with wood walls is a paint brush not a roller
 This one is the brush I use for rough wood- hence the little bit of fraying 

Yes, it takes a bit longer to paint by brush, but when you have all those grooves in between the board- it is much easier with a brush than a roller and saves the time of rolling and then going back over it to get the grooves with a brush.

This is how it started looking after quickly brushing on one coat- a little streaky with the brush and you can really see the rough texture of the wood coming out-
 but that will change with the second coat.

After the second coat- it is creamy perfection.

Simple and easy to transform the look with just a coat of paint-
 it's one of my favorite ways to update a space. 

 Up next, more about those gorgeous old doors that you can see a peek of
 that we found for the entry area.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Glidden Paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. 
While I was compensated to write a post about Glidden Paint, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Your plank walls look wonderfully fresh, Courtney. We have a room that once was a screened in porch and was enclosed several years back. The cedar shingles require a paint brush too - perhaps I need to go beautifully white in it's next life! I enjoyed your pot - I hope you have a blessed week,

  2. Just so beautiful Courtney...I so remember the day when my hubby "finally" agreed to paint the wood ceiling in our sunroom a few houses ago...just love the look of painted wood walls and ceilings!...Love that last pic of the post...stunning!

  3. There is something so crisp and airy about white painted planking. Love.
    Your pictures are amazing. The close up (second to the last) could be a framed print. Looking forward to following the progress of the cottage.

    Enjoy your day

  4. I really like what you have done to your walls. I just love the look of white so clean and loverly!
    Thanx for sharing Jo, from Anne's Attic - Design stop on over to my blog and follow it for some great ideas.

  5. Beautiful, I love wood plank walls!

  6. I had old ugly brown panelling in my upstairs guest room.. my son- in -law helped me and we painted primer over all of them and then a lovely coat of 'cream in my coffee'... My guest room is loverly!!

  7. Looking gorgeous!! Love that teaser peek at the doors.

  8. I love white painted plank walls and yours look beautiful! Our home was built in 1933 and we have plaster walls throughout with the exception of the rooms that are additions, those are drywall. I can't wait to see more of your remodel!
    Sally @cottagefix

  9. Our house was built in the 40s also. Our son's room originally had plank knotty pine walls that were a dark reddish brown. It took many many coats of a very pale gray paint. Such a difference! Your room looks beautiful.

  10. I love the paint color...what is it called?
    Thank you!

  11. I live in a log house with wood paneling and am thinking of "pickling" just to minimize all this wood!!! do you have any thoughts on that? I was thinking just one coat that would allow the grain to show through, but not sure what to use - paint? Is there some sort of stain and do I need to sand the walls first? Any thoughts, advice appreciated!!!