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This & That~ Random Saturday

It's Saturday.
HOW is it already Saturday? 
I am pretty sure it was just Monday... well, a couple days ago anyway.
I have a couple fun posts coming your way next week
but today~ it's one of those anything goes and nothing goes together
 random Saturday times.

Where I share little peeks at something like roses on the beach
and 23 vintage books

 #1 Vintage Books
I might have carted home 23 vintage books from the yard sale.
Yes, that is 23 books as in twenty- three books.
All I can say is
 What.was.I.thinking. ? 
I thought they would all fit in my suitcase -which they did actually.
But... then it would be super heavy and I wouldn't be able to hoist it up into the overhead bin
and that would be a problem.  
So... most of them went into my personal carry on
(aka- huge bag that I shove everything and my handbag into)
but that meant no wheels and my shoulder doing all the work.
Let's just say that I recommend buying a set of vintage leather wrapped books-
 but I do not recommend lugging them home the way I did
 Even though they are so cute, and I love their color and they were all only $5 
  physical therapy for my shoulder might more than make up for the price.
#2. Roses on the Beach
We spent a little bit of time sitting on the beach and visiting with my oldest and his girlfriend
and they brought me these pretty roses that just happened to be
some of my favorites.
So, you know that meant that those roses had to be photographed on the beach.
It's such a simple juxtaposition - but it inspired me
With the rough sand, the gray-blue sky and water
the waves crashing and those sweet delicate roses
{iphone photo via instagram}
In other news at the beach- I have a bat story that I will share soon.
Yes, I said bat as in flying creatures that look like mice with wings.

#3 Decorating
This weekend I am working on a decorating project for a back to school room
that involves a little purple, a little white
a little soft and shabby and maybe a touch of industrial and glam.
Here is a quick iPhone shot of a couple of the inspirations
for pattern, texture and color~ I am so loving that soft lavender fuzziness.

#4: More Decorating
I already mentioned that  I am also decorating for Christmas right now.
 I know. 
I have the faux tree, the ornaments and the little this and thats that I always put out but...not sure just yet where I am going to find a fresh wreath at this time of year, 
 I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be making one from cedar tree branches
which incidentally- I am allergic to.  Yep, found that out when I was using fresh cedar
in the bedroom on the mantel and on my bed one year.  Good times.

On the decorating for Christmas note~  
do you know what my biggest pinterest referral traffic is currently?
That's right, folks- Christmas posts. 
Seems there a few of you out there who are getting ready for the holiday season in August
and I thank you for not making me feel alone.

#5: HomeGoods Blog
One more thing~ over on the HomeGoods blog this week
 I am sharing a few tips for bringing fresh flower bouquets into your home.
You can find that post HERE if you would like to take a peek.

Lots of good stuff coming your way next week
including a summer inspired table setting
that involves the most delicious blueberry yogurt muffins
and the cutest little green apples from our tree

Happy Random Saturday.

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  1. I'm so happy I got up early this morning to catch up with my favorite blogs! Your posts simply seem to jump start my creativity!
    Happy Saturday to you and yours.

  2. :) I have been decorating for Christmas, but only on paper and in my head. I am so ready for Fall!!! I mean I ma not rushing the seasons or anything, but when you live in North Central Florida Dimmer is like a long time... makes me long for cooler weather in September.
    Happy weekend!

    1. I hear you!! I will be decorating for Christmas and then redecorating for Fall and then decorating for Christmas again ;)

  3. I love the roses on the beach. They look very thought provoking and quite beautiful. Blessings, Catherine

  4. Well...on the losing track of days, I tried to order the Tuesday Special at a restaurant yesterday. On the Christmas decorating...I could start now except that I have learned one thing. I know, for me, the sooner I begin the more I change and re-do so I'll probably wait a while. Thanks for the Pinterest clue.

    1. Too funny about the Tuesday special Sami Pat!! ;) Normally, I would not be decorating for Christmas this early either- because I would change things as well but such is the way in magazines and Christmas campaigns. They are starting earlier all the time.

  5. Randomly beautiful :)

    Looking forward to next weeks postings!

  6. The roses are gorgeous! And to see them on the sand is very special. I'm allergic to cedar as well. I feel your pain!

    1. Thank you Brenda! Cedar is so pretty- but it definitely causes a big allergic issue over here.

  7. Your image on my sidebar ALWAYS has me clicking over to see your beauty!! I don't often comment, but I visit a lot...such loveliness and I am glad that you share it with us. It is like an online magazine.

    1. Thank you Sandi! I am glad you said hello and commented today and I appreciate you stopping by!

  8. I'd never have imagined the roses on the beach…what a lovely shot, Courtney!

  9. Love your "randomness" :) . . . cannot believe you toted all those books on the plane..but then again, I have known you to take many treasures as a "carry on".... Looking forward to your projects!

    1. Haha!! Yes, that is true Shirley!! I rationalized that they wouldn't weigh much.. but oh boy. Next time, I think I will simply ship them back. Looking forward to treasure hunting again in a couple months with you in High Point! :)

  10. I am always envious of your beautiful flowers. I may be one of those people who is guilty of pinning Christmas things right now... I think for one thigh, I am sick of being hot. I want to wear a big baggy sweater but I can't. So instead I surf pinterest!

  11. I love the roses. Last year my son and daughter-in-law bought me some beautiful roses for my birthday -- of course I photographed them then I used the Waterlogue app and made a beautiful water color of the pic. I can appreciate the roses forever!! Looking forward to see what you do this week.