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French Style Chairs

Oh how I love French style chairs.

With all those carvings 
and itty bitty details that might be small 
but that have a huge amount of charm.

There is something about chairs... 
and I will admit to having a bit of a 'chair love affair'

Whether they are antique or new
a French or French style chair makes me swoon.

Sometimes their lines are simple
and sometimes they are over the top deliciously detailed
like this pair of French needlepoint chairs

Talk about details!
The details don't stop at that apple green velvet and needlepoint covering of pretty flowers.

Frames carved with bows, fluting and tons of charm
and on top of that- they wear a perfect coat of old patina.
They are some of my favorites for sure.

You might remember the set of chairs I found while junking at the Re-Store

They are vintage- from around 1920's and are projects waiting to be reimagined
and they have very similar lines to some of the other chairs I love.

Like this caned side chair
and dining chairs.

One more for now
 because I could get carried away and share so many more 
French style chairs that I love

With it's classic and simple french style 
this chair makes me a little weak at the knees.
Pretty much in love with that petite weathered worn frame

I love a chair that is as pretty from the back as it is from the front
With it's exposed stretcher
 this one definitely fits that bill.

I will share more about it and where I found it in a separate post
but for now~ click over to visit the other ladies who are sharing
some of their favorite French chair inspirations as part of our monthly French inspired series.
Happy Sunday!

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  1. I love anything French or needlepoint. Beautiful pieces.

  2. gorgeous I could cry. I only have one French style chair but need so many more. I keep looking but none have come my way. I'm a patient gal and only wish to find the beautiful carved chair I dream of.

  3. What beautiful chairs. Swoon....

  4. I too have a love for french chairs ;-) they are just gorgeous. While on vacation in Florida I scoop up a pretty french chair, that I have plans to refurbish ;-)
    All of your french chairs are to die for.


  5. I love your chairs, so beautiful! I was dumb enough years ago to let one go at a yard sale for $15. It needed a complete reupholster job but the bones were still gorgeous. Now every time I see a post with pretty chairs I kick myself. I not only love your chairs but the mirror you have between the two as well.

  6. We love the same beautiful ... EVERYTHING! You (we) have great taste. I do love those chairs!

  7. I am join you with chair love, and French ones that much better.your chairs are all things French!



    PS. créated à post for Fifi, Côme visit.


  8. Such loveliness!

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeu

  9. Yes, yes !! I love the french chairs. They give such a romantic setting

  10. So Beautiful! I love detail, when I see it I think someone must have worked really hard on these pieces.
    ((HUGS)) Jo

  11. Oh yes, there is nothing quite like European Details when it comes to Furnishings! Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. I adore these chairs, especially the needlepoint one. I spotted that Christmas tree does that mean you are going to start showing off your Christmas decor? I hope so I always look forward to it and you

    1. Thank you Di! That photo is from a previous year- but it is coming! :)

  13. I love all of your beautiful French chairs, Courtney! And your wall of plates always makes me happy! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  14. Oh my I'm in love!! I have my eye on a bergere chair like the last one. I could look at their gorgeous chairs all day long.

  15. I'm guessing Home Goods. They are lovely.