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Autumn in the cottage~simple dining

I am the type of girl who likes something simple for Autumn.

Like a few pumpkins
maybe some wheat and dried sunflowers
and lots of natural touches.

Things like a bowl of fresh fruit for enjoying and for decoration
and lots of bundles of dried Summer flowers 

There are pumpkins- but they don't always take center stage-
they might be more of an accent- and yes will be a little more neutral.
I save the oranges for the porch and just a couple vignettes usually.

A wee pumpkin sitting in a ladle in the cupboard

or maybe just a couple scattered on the table with leaves and acorns.

I pretty much feel like bits of seasonal touches are enough and 
a perfect way to bring the warmth of Autumn 
into your home without overwhelming it

Loving these hydrangeas and roses mixed with a bunch of cotton
hanging from a rafter near the kitchen.

They are definitely some of my favorites

Simple and sweet out in the cottage dining area 
which honestly is really just a little corner in the room
so that's another reason why keeping it neutral and quite works perfectly.
Coming your way next
 another easy vignette that takes just a few minutes to put together.

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Hope your week is off to a great start

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  1. so very calming and soothing like sitting curled up under a nice soft throw xx

  2. Love all your neutral touches of Fall - simple and lovely.
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Pieced Pastimes

    1. Thank you Suzanne- I am loving the softer side of Autumn this year.

  3. I have said it before....I could move right in and not look back!!!

    1. Thank you Chrissy! The cottage is definitely fun to play in :)

  4. It all looks so soft...nice change from the harsh orange and black

  5. Who wouldn't enjoy a simple or an elaborate meal in your cottage.
    Courtney your cottage inspires so much more than dinning,
    What a charming setting.


  6. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une jolie touche de douceur dans chacune de vos photos... J'aime beaucoup suspendre des bouquets de fleurs sèches. J'en dispose également au-dessus de mes armoires. Elles font sensation surtout sur mes armoires à chapeau de gendarme.
    Gros bisous et merci pour ce joli billet.

  7. Very Sweet. I love all of your dried flowers and grasses.