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French Inspired Christmas decor

When I think of French inspired Christmas decor
I think of natural and beautiful
and simple and elegant

In this months French Event- we are talking about some
ideas about French style Christmas decorations.

What I notice most about the decorations in French magazines
is how simple and beautifully elegant they are at the same time.
Since I am not French- this is just what I imagine the decor to be like

Touches of nature rather than over the top store bought decor.
Fresh greens, soft elegant colors and trees in buckets and wrapped in burlap.

I tend to keep Christmas simple & elegant over here.
Though sometimes, I get a little wild hair
and do something different. ;)
mostly, it's simple vignettes- such as an antique chair with a wreath
and a couple of presents

or a wreath on an old cupboard 

My own design preference is that simple is best
and that goes from trees that wear quiet dressings
and silver dishes filled with ornaments as decoration.

These all speak a little bit of French Christmas to me 
Stop on by and see what the other blogs are sharing this month.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Just charming Xmas spirit and so amazing photos!
    Have a wonderful Xmas time!

  2. So beautiful and elegant, Courtney! Love the vignette in the chair! Hugs...Debbie

  3. I am so inspired by your post, Courtney! We are finishing our flooring today so I can finally start decorating for Christmas! I love all of your fresh greenery. I think I want to go out and borrow some boughs from the timber fields. ;)

  4. Not one thing out of place here, and would not change a French Country Cottage things.
    It's just so beautiful Courtney.


  5. I love how elegant but simple it all is,thanks for the ideas.

  6. So simple yet so breathtaking.

  7. Breathtaking as usual. I agree simple and natural makes for an elegant look!

  8. Beautiful ... but of course! Love it!

  9. So beautiful!! I love Neutral Christmas decor too.. Your home is always so gorgeous!!

  10. HI Courtney, I left a comment yesterday, but it seems to have been eaten! Your christmas pictures are gorgeous as always, and I love your styling. I adore those gifts packaged in the pale paper, very chic indeed!