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{ Inspiration } Evening on the patio

I am a Summer weather type of girl.
I love days filled with loads of sunshine and warm breezes.

and spending time outdoors under the stars 
late into the evenings. 

Outdoor living is a huge for our family
and we try to milk the season as long as we can.
But when the chilly weather moves in and brings a little bit of Jack Frost,
it definitely makes me want to retreat into the house for warmth.
I am not a cold winter weather loving kind of girl.
So a couple years ago, we built a big old rock fireplace on the back patio  so 
that we could enjoy the seasons outdoors just a bit longer.

 During January and February- after the Christmas decor has been put away
and the house is looking fresh- but admittedly a little bit bare-
the focus and decor turns to cozy.

Warm blankets. Candles glowing. Roaring fires and mugs of hot cocoa.
And sure, being outdoors during that time sounds wonderful but it 
 isn't always the best spot to be for warm and cozy.
Especially in one of those places that get tons of snow and cold weather.
Unless you are one of those Polar Bear types that goes swimming in the ice filled waters and things like that.
Then being outdoors at night with snow around you  probably works for you.  ;)

Since these photos  were taken back in the Fall while photographing
for a magazine that I was working on- it was not chilly at all
 but this setting was actually inspired by 
 a fun evening get together.

My daughter loves to have friends over for a night filled with 
 favorite movies,  lots of popcorn and even more giggling.
And a favorite place for them to gather and chat and laugh till the wee hours of the morning
is out on the patio or in the living room next to the fireplace.
So, we stock up on popcorn seeds, hot cocoa and smore's makings 
and no matter what time of year it is- those girls nights are always a big hit.

 I thought taking some of the cues from the warm weather evening parties
were perfect for warming up those chilly winter evening get togethers too.
 Cozy is key and so I bring out the warm blankets
and chunky throws as well as pillows for plopping on the floor for extra spots to sit.
I love those euro sized pillows for the floor.
They are large and are also usually extra plump which makes them that much more comfy
to sit one.
These blue striped ones below are some of my absolute favorites.

Since we moved the coffee table to make room for more spots to sit next to the fire
we needed a little somewhere to set treats. 
I have been crushing on tree stumps as tables for awhile now 
and this tree stump destined to be split up into bits was in the wood pile.
But instead, it was set aside and became a perfect spot for treats 
and cups of cocoa.

Another favorite - weathered lanterns for holding candles.
They are easy to place anywhere and by keeping candles in a lantern
it keeps them safe from breezes and tipping over.
They are definitely charming all aglow and also help to light steps and
any other areas that might need a little bit of warmth.
Tip: They also work great sitting next to your feet while outdoors as they do throw
a little bit of heat.

These are just a few of my favorite ways to warm up an evening get together 
whether out on the patio or indoors.

It's a busy week over here this week
with car stuff,  diy stuff and work stuff.
But I  also have some fun stuff coming to the blog this week

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I'm a summer girl, too, Courtney, but you make winter look almost as good! ;)

  2. I just had a s'mores getogether, love these outdoors patio entertainment,maven if it's just for yourself :)

    Lovely view of your patio and lantern from here.


  3. That fireplace!!! Oh, so gorgeous!!!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  4. Everything is beautiful. Especially the FAUX fur white blanket?;)

    1. Faux all the way Angela!! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. I love your post and your s'mores! Wish I was there. You make winter seem ok! I can just see your daughter and her friends enjoying this space you've made!

  6. Beautiful photos! It made me want to be there with all the lovely candles, but I'll stick with my Florida winter weather for now! 😀 Enjoyed the post!

  7. Everything looks so spectacular...what a lovely place to spend time when it's a bit chilly out. You are the master of vignettes...I so enjoyed these, talented lady!

    Jane x

  8. Beautiful! I wish I could do that but right now it's freezing and snowy :) Lucky you!

  9. Beautiful and cozy! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  10. Beautiful pictures! The stone fireplace, copper mug, and candles are just dreamy.

  11. Your pictures look so inviting I csn almost smell the fire !

  12. Well, it has to be said, I never knew I wanted things until I see them on other's blogs!! True!! I adore your outdoor space and now I want an outdoor stone fireplace...sigh

  13. Beautiful! Thank you for bringing the warmth of summer into this winter season.