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Random Saturday

It is a chilly, rainy Random Saturday over here.
So I am on the sofa with my coffee and laptop getting a little work done
before getting a little of the other work on my list done.

Which brings me to my first random thought.

Gold rimmed Wine Stems

Can you fall in love with a gold rimmed wine glass?
I am thinking that the answer is yes.

 I am working on photographing a table setting for Spring and some of these
gorgeous wine glasses arrived the other day.
I unwrapped the first one -and yes, it was instant love.
I feel about a dozen different table setting ideas with these coming already.

Rain, Rain

It is raining here.  As in- it is RAINING. 
We need it of course, but I am wondering why it is that you always forget about that
 1 thing that you should have remembered to put away or cover up AFTER
 it has been thundering, lightening and pouring all.night.long. 

Incidentally, I think with the sound of the rain landing on the roof last night, 
I slept better than I have in a loooong time. Insanity.
It really truly convinces me further that I need to live close enough to the beach 
to hear the waves all night long.
Am I right? ;)

Camellia Blooms

I clipped a few branches off our camellia tree yesterday to bring indoors to enjoy. I snapped a quick photo for instagram- but you can bet I had to do a fun styling in the living room with them. I will share more this next week.

Marble, oh Marble

I continue to get so many questions about the marble counters and how to choose the right counters, the right marble, etc. 
I worked with Arizona Tile on finding the right counter material for me
and they put together a great post about choosing the right countertops 
and even included little old me in the post. 
 (not compensated to share- but it is good info)

A Fresh Look in the bedroom

Feeling like a fresh look for your bedroom? I shared a few ideas for bedding over at the HomeGoods blog this week- including some very bright and colorful ideas.

I will leave you with a little sneak peek of a project we have been working on...
mainly because I know you guys love those little teases so much ;)
It is a makeover...
and a little leopard might be involved. 
And gold. 
And white.
 Oh...and a chandelier. 

Stay tuned for the where we started with this one...
( I'll give you a hint- it wasn't pretty.)
And the how it is looking now- a lot prettier :)
 coming in the next week or so.

Happy Random Saturday everyone!

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  1. You had me at leopard... then gold... and white... When I got to "chandelier", I got really excited! Like Christmas excited! Can't wait!!

  2. Love your random Saturday posts, Courtney. I am so in love with your shabby green bench, it stops me in my tracks every time I see it.


  3. This is a very beautiful post... I will save it and revisit!

  4. Lovely. It calmed me right down and made me want to cuddle up while our rain pours away too. ;)

    The How-to Guru

  5. Pretty flowers and gorgeous bedding. I sleep better when I can hear the rain, too. It is wonderful.
    Michelle from

  6. Love your blog, Courtney! Every picture is stunning! You are very talented! I have a question...Where did you buy the beautiful gray toile bedding from? Thanks!

    1. Hi Krista! You are the second person to ask me about that bedding since the post went up! You can find it here: (and it is on big time sale too!) Hope that helps!

  7. Look forward to your blog everyday-I love the gold rimmed wineglasses! Would you share where you found them? I've been looking and I love the shape and gold rim size on those in your post.

  8. I think those are the prettiest little camellias I've every seen. Lovely!

  9. Love your random saturday's just always nice to see a collection of pretty pictures! :)