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Details~ choosing hardware

Choosing the right hardware for a project
is kind of like the icing on the cake. 
The diamond jewelry with the little black dress.

The right hardware can change the whole way something looks
 and feels instantly.
It is definitely not something to overlook when designing a room or a piece of furniture.

But frankly, there are so many choices for hardware - choosing the right one
can sometimes leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.
Oil rubbed.
 Satin Nickel. 
Wire pulls. 
Bin pulls. 
Square knobs. 
Round knobs. 
Glass knobs. 
Hammered finishes. 

aye aye aye.
Is your head spinning?
Believe me, I understand.

When I was deciding on what look I wanted for the kitchen... 
I think I  might have tried a dozen different options and styles before settling on the one that worked. 

We had a satin nickel finish in a basic knob and pull before- and I loved them but knew
 I wanted a slight change.
 I thought about a more brassy gold...because I loved how it looked when I would see those brassy gold pops of hardware in a white kitchen.
But you should know- not all gold hardware is created equal.
 There is that gold finish that makes you think of the 80's and 90's 
The gorgeous gleaming gold of brass 
And there is the subtle gold which is more champagne brushed finish.
All beautiful- all different.
I tried each of them and out of the three 
for this project-
 the softer finish of the champagne brushed bronze was perfect. 

It had just the right amount of warmth mixed with the right amount of pizzazz.
Kind of like our faucet which wears a very similar finish.

I worked with Derrick at DLawless Hardware to help me 
find a few really good options in that color that might work.
Just have to say-if you are in need of a second opinion or someone who will take the time 
to compare finishes and samples for you- Derrick simply rocks.

After we chatted back and forth a few times
 the samples were ordered and I got to play a bit with different options that he had chosen.
Seriously, the easiest way I can advise you to decide what will work best
 if you are on the fence is to do exactly that. 

Order one of each contender and see it in your space
with your paint, your lighting, your counters, etc. 
It is well worth it and you can always return the ones that aren't quite 
what you were looking for. 

We decided on a simple round knob and a classic bin pull for the drawers.
We also added a super long wire pull for the garbage drawer that we installed under the sink.

The Knob

These round knobs not only look great but the are comfortable to use as well- which is a bonus. How many times have you found a great knob only to find it irritating or hard to use? 

This one was simple, smooth and had a soft barely noticeable gold gleam to them
 it is actually pretty close to some of those really warm satin nickels but just maybe a tad warmer.
It was perfect.

The Bin Pull

I love wire pulls in a kitchen and simple clean lined pulls are truly all the rage
 in kitchen design right now.
But I am not generally a trend jumper, follower, etc and I struggled with how much they felt modern when I saw them and what I was really trying to do was to keep the vintage vibe.
On top of that, we had bin pulls in the kitchen already and really liked the classic look 
and ease of using them. 

I actually fell in love with one of the bin pulls in the photos above- the detailing gets me even now
but in person, in my space and with some of the other elements- it was much too dark. 
So Derrick suggested these bin pulls as a good match.

When they arrived and I placed them on the drawers, doors and the island
and they were perfect.

I loved the subtle pop of gold they had
and they were classic enough to appeal to my vintage loving heart.

Choosing hardware can definitely feel overwhelming 
and make your head spin but it doesn't have to.
Just try a few different options, play around a bit-
 maybe live with one in place for a week and see what you like.
Do they make you swoon and make the room feel complete? 
Or send a different vibe all together.
Do they feel right when you pull on them?
The good news- is that hardware is not so expensive in most cases that you can't change it
and it is super easy to make a change on top of it.
If you decide on one- 
and 3 months later find out you are not only not loving it
but you are now bordering on hating it- 
you can swap them for a new one and try again.

To see more of our Cottage Kitchen Renovation
you can find it here

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I worked with DLawless to find the perfect hardware 
for our project- but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Your champagne colored knobs are great. We just went through a kitchen renovation and by the time it came to picking out knobs I was worn out with decisions. And living in a small town our selection was so small. I could have ordered online but I like to touch first. So I picked out simple satin nickle and as you say if later on I find something I like better I'll just change them. For now I am good.

    1. I know just what you mean. I love satin nickel too- I bet they are gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by Peggy!

  2. Are your cabinets all white? Some pictures show distressed antiqued doors, are those on an island?

    1. Yes, the cabinets are all white. The island is a distressed greenish blue- these photos were taken part way through the process- but I will be sharing more in about the island in a separate post.

  3. Gorgeous choices! My husband used to be in the kitchen design business and always says the hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen.

  4. They're beautiful, Courtney! I just love that antique brass finish!
    We've had glass knobs and nickel bin pulls on our cabinets for the last few years now, and I thought about changing them when we remodeled our kitchen this year, but my husband talked me into keeping the current knobs. I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted anyway, so I'm kind of glad we kept the old ones. There are just too many beautiful choices! :)

  5. super! bardzo mi się podoba :-) pozdrawiam

  6. The hardware certainly put the finishing touch on your beautiful kitchen. And you're right about the many choices but you did a marvelous job of picking just the right style.

  7. Love your new hardware and how they go so well with the new faucet...yes, Derrick is a gem to work with....I have been perusing his site lately looking for the right hardware for my french country hutch....I love it that there is so much to choose from at very reasonable the kitchen Courtney!

  8. I love your choices. Our cabinets are walnut with a polish and they have no hardware...yet. I kind of like it like that

  9. It would be impossible for your little kitchen here to be any prettier than it is... great lesson on the hardware too. It is kind of mind boggling, but this really helped!


  10. My DIL just built and it was fun to see the gold and brass coming back. I love your choices.

  11. can you tell me what wire pull for the garbage drawer you bought?

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I am not sure they carry the exact one any longer- but this looks pretty close: