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French style bar stools

Oh little caned back stools
how I love you.

With your weathered wood frame
your delightful curvy lines
and those decidedly French details
you are beautiful.

I have always just had a simple stool at the island
and used that to set my foot on or plop down for some conversation.

But when we were re-doing the kitchen and refreshing the island
I wanted something a little more substantial and comfortable.
But also something that was big on character. 

Enter these charmers. 
I already loved the style
and these dazzled me even more because I loved the caned backs 

That airy touch kept these from feeling too upholstered and heavy in the space. 
And what about those other details? Carvings and flutings galore.

So soo pretty - I was definitely loving those. 
But I wasn't sure if they would work...
They were a little on the large size. 
I had always had just a simple stool at the island and that was what I was used to.
But I thought if they did work-  they would work beautifully.

So I tried them.
 And yes, they felt large at first- but not overly large- and
I was in love with the weathered finish against the painted island instantly.

So, I thought I would share a few of the things I learned about what you 
may want to consider when choosing bar stools.

1.  Pay attention to the height 
when ordering
There are different sizes and you don't want to bang your knees
into your counters or island. 

2. The style
Whether it is classic, modern, traditional, on trend, etc.
 Choose something that works for you and your kitchen style.
There are a TON of options- and yes, I had about 5 different ones on the list.

3. Try it out. 
I know not all stools are actually used all that often, 
but if they are- 
make sure they are comfy.

4. Keep it simple.
 (Unless you are a wild one- then go bold!)
You don't want a stool - or any chair in your space for example - 
to overwhelm the other details in the space. 
It should compliment and fit seamlessly.

5. Go with what you like!
Key #1. 
Can I tell you how many I thought were the right style or shape or size
but that I just didn't love?  
There are so many options it can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.
So you really just have to go with what you like- 
you will be happier.

We do love these for sure. 
My daughter and I love to sit at the island and chat over dinner
and so they are definitely getting some good use already. 
The only thing I did to make them work for us
was to add a simple drop cloth skirted slipcover.

But while I was shopping for stools
I also happened upon another style that I absolutely fell in love with that was nothing like these-
more details on those in another post.

To see more of our kitchen refresh- you can find it

And find the French style stools 
*affiliate link

Happy Friday!

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  1. It's perfect! I love the caning detail!

  2. bellissima questa sedia ciao VAleria

  3. They are beautiful, I have similar bar stools minus the cane backs....


  4. They are beautiful..Thank You for the tips, I have been looking for new barstools,,,,But have been stumped on how to buy the right height..

  5. Prettiest bar stools ever! Tres chic. =)


  6. pray tell...where are these lovely stools from??

    1. They are from Joss & Main. You can find a link to shop at the bottom of my post- but they are not listed right now. I will share when I see them available as well!

    2. The barstools have popped up for sale again~ If you need an invite to join- you can find it in my post.

  7. Beautiful! I want all the details please. Where can I find them? I've got to check them out in detail.

    1. They are from Joss & Main. I will share next time I see them available on there!

    2. The barstools have popped up for sale again! I placed the link at the bottom of the post as it isn't linking in comments for some reason. If you need an invite to join- you can find it in my post as well!

  8. Love these bar stools!! Where are they from?

    1. They are from Joss & Main-you can find a link to join in and shop in the post- but they are not listed at the moment.

    2. The barstools have popped up for sale again! I placed the link in the post at the bottom (it isn't linking in comments for some reason) and if you need an invite to be able to shop- you can find that in my post as well. Hope that helps!

  9. I just adore these stools! I am definitely a person with a crush on any and all caning! And your slipcover is adorable, too Courtney! Just the right touch.