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The closet project~ Before

Do you have one of those rooms in your house that has always felt somewhat neglected?
Maybe it is even one that you go into every single day.

One that is useful and does the job that it is supposed to
 but that also makes you look around and shake your head
 wondering when that project was going to move up on the list.
You know what I am talking about, right?

Yes,  it seems that sometimes there are always spaces in the house 
that get fixed up to the function level- but
that are never really actually turned into something pretty.

Especially when you are working with a house from 1940 that had not been lived in full time
 until you bought it.
And that was vandalized and had missing ceilings in some rooms
had broken windows in others
 and a whole lot of work just to be able to even think about living in it...
let alone living in a beautiful space.
 Then, something like a closet makeover gets moved pretty far down the list of to-do's.

But,  I had a vision of a glamorous gorgeous walk in closet someday.
You know, those ones are all pretty-dressed to the nines with those long eyelashes,
white capri's and sequined jackets and designer handbags. 

Our closet was something a little more along the lines of 
5 year old sweats with holes & well worn paint stained tennis shoes.

So... you know,
it was more than time for an overhaul. 
Especially since we are in bring it on remodel mode over here.

So, I started collecting inspirations of pretty closet spaces and the elements that they had that  I loved.
Starting with the pretty
like this cedar lined Habersham closet.
courtesy of Habersham Home
Or those closets that are (HUGE) 
 that have a ton of shelving for everything.
Courtesy of HGTV Remodels

Maybe with a planked ceiling and a chandelier? 
Of course.

Something a little bit glam and pretty in white?
You bet.
courtesy of Camille Styles

All dream closets for sure.
 Our space wasn't quite the size or scale or going to be re done on the grand elegance of those. 
So here is the look at the project:

 It is basic 
We don't have a room sized closet -it is just a regular sized walk in closet.  
Remember, this is a 1940's house. 
 We are lucky to even have a closet the size of anything you could consider 
walking into, let alone a closet the size of a small living room. 

That doesn't mean that you can't take inspiration  from some of those gorgeous spaces
 to fancy schmancy your space up a bit.
It doesn't mean your closet needs to be huge or elegant or have custom cabinetry to be pretty. One of the things I have learned while working on this house is to
 take what you have in a room and work with it. It's not always ideal. 
This entire house has been redone with that in mind. 

We started with a basic closet space- about 8'x5' +  in size and
with very basic layout and a really terrible sheetrock job
So 1st up-  we had to re-do that.
Really, we didn't do much- just patched up and finished some of what was undone
because we knew we were covering it up.

There was an ugly light. It worked when you turned it on but that was it. 
Enough said.

Each side of the narrow closet was lined in shelving and a couple places for hanging clothes 
which was way too much for this space.
Along with a bookcase that I added to the back for shoes and handbags 
(I have an eensy addiction to and collection of handbags)  
It felt cluttered and unorganized and just like it was 'made do' so to speak.

We cleared everything out- and were left with a roughed in closet 
and a blank slate

But come on, this unfinished space...
 ooh so fancy  already right? 

I know... but I see the potential.

We got to work and bid that forgotten closet adieu.
And guess what? 
 It doesn't look anything like that any longer.
It has a little bit of a growl on a little bit smaller than grand scale
but  even so, yes, a chandelier might be involved.
It might have cedar planks (which look and smell amazing)
and it might have even taken a walk on the wild side.

Of course there are other things involved as well
and let's just say that even though this is a little walk in closet and is not the size of a living room
 and doesn't have all  those bells and whistles of those dreamy inspirations above-
 it definitely has some swoon worthy details.
So I will share some ideas on how you can pretty up a smaller closet soon.

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. OH I so want to make over out closet, so I can't wait to see what you do with your.

  2. I can't wait to see! I have a small closet as well and I've been thinking it's due for a makeover.

  3. Can't wait to see your closet, Courtney. I'm not doing anything as involved as you, but I've removed all the clothes that I don't/won't/can't wear and donated them to Goodwill. My next project is to add more attractive hooks and other things that will allow me to hang items to neat'en up purses, belts and so on. I've ordered a shoe "holder" and when it is installed, that will be the last thing to do before The Great Purge! That is, removing and sorting out all the stuff on a eight foot shelf. This stuff consists of cards, art work, messages, awards, and other memorabilia I've collected since my sons were very young.

  4. I can't wait to see it. Our master closet is 5 by 10 and a nightmare to me. I NEED help and inspiration!!!

  5. Yikes! I can hardly wait to see this renovation.

  6. Our closets are NOT walk in. They are just long spaces with sliding louvered doors. UGH!! I look forward to seeing what you do. I do need inspiration.

  7. Can't wait to see it! Our closets are small with just a shelf and a clothes rod, so much wasted space above and below. I really need some inspiration to make it more functional and maybe even a little bit pretty.

  8. So many possibilities here. I know it will be great. And love the cedar plank idea. For over 30 years every home I've lived in I redid at least one or more wall in the closet with cedar. But we now live in a small condo. When we redid the small walk in closet, and I mean small, every wall is used to its maximum storage. Think up. I had my hubby cover the ceiling with cedar strips. It even adds a soft glow from the light fixture.
    Waiting to see the redo.
    Barbara Ann / shop / barbaraannscreations

  9. I really should consider putting some design effort into our closet as well...why not enjoy every space in you home! Thank you for this peek at closet inspiration, I look forward to the reveal:)

    P.S. Your blooms are always so beautiful! :)

  10. are such a tease....all ready to see the new closet and have to wait! Looking forward to what you have done. You do have my mind going though!!!!!

  11. ooooh ... that is going to be beautiful.