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Random Saturday

It's the weekend.

I have a ton on the agenda today-
 from a run to the market, to styling, to photography
 to planning for Christmas.

Yes, it is that time.
Ordering some of the most amazing new things for Christmas this year
and I share them with you.

#1. Christmas in... August?

I have been photographing Christmas.
From Trees, to decorations, to accents such as these darling pillows from Balsam Hill
for their upcoming catalog.
 No, not decorating for Christmas yet- but yes
 I will admit that I am loving it.

#2. AND Halloween

At the same time, I have been setting up and snapping photos of Halloween. 
So, in the cottage right now- it is like-
 Christmas on one side- and Autumn on the other.
 I might be a little holiday confused.

#3. Pretty in Pink

Yum. And yum.
 That is about all I can say about this Pink Grapefruit juice. 
You can find it at Whole Foods.
And it looks simply amazing with several stacked on the counter for display.

#4. Sunflowers

Ahhh sunflowers. 
Always such happy flowers with their bold and beautiful golden blooms. 
I am working on a fall styling right now and am pretty sure that I will have to include some of these August beauties somewhere.

#5. Something simple & delicious

Like fresh pears.
Waiting on a few more ripe fruit from our tree and then - let the pear recipes begin.
 This image is from last year and we have far fewer fruit this year on the tree-
so fingers crossed there are some waaay up on the top of the tree that we haven't found yet.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Love all the photos,the little velvet pumpkin, the fall bouquet, and roses and the pears. Off to buy more
    Items for my art project.
    Have a great day.

  2. Love this, but oh soo scarey that Christmas is almost here - I'm still enjoying Summer LOL

  3. It's always fun to come over here...

  4. Not ready for Christmas. Fall yes. Your photography is always beautiful.

  5. Wonderful photos. I especially love the sunflowers - they are my fave!!!
    Michelle form

  6. Whoa, Christmas? you are scaring me! Ha! Lovely photos.