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Weekend View

This week has been filled with magical twinkly lights
the easiest way to decorate for fall
and a grand dog who has been making mischief.

An apple a day

If you saw my home tour - you probably saw the fresh greens
popping up in abundance.
But in the dining room- that was about it this season.
Fresh greens of two kinds.

A super simple way to bring a charming fresh touch to the dining table
the coffee table, the kitchen island- is to set out a bowl of apples.
Plus, you have a great snack right on hand for anyone to enjoy.

This guy

Earlier this week, he was running through the hall
and getting into things and making mischief. Early early in the morning.
And when I got up to see what he was up to- he was quite pleased with himself for waking me up
and spun in about 5 circles before taking off down the hall again.

Then he proceeded to lay down and fall asleep because, you know- he was up early and was tired.
He hasn't been feeling good the past couple of days and the vet told us to watch him for now.
 Hoping today he perks up and feels better and is back to his getting into mischief ways.

Apple Orchard

Out in the apple orchard- a little bit of autumn has appeared.

I am working on a special project and it involves strands of twinkly lights
copper and old wicker chairs.
And maybe some smore's and cocoa.
( Do you see the tiny red apples in the tree? My favorite.) 

Berries and blooms

Lately, at our local market- there have been a lot of roses.
And spray roses. And small bouquets with baby's breath & roses.
And not much else.

They always have the usuals but I have been feeling a little uninspired lately
when shopping for the weeks flowers. But yesterday, I walked in and found
yes, roses- in a soft pale pink with green edging- which is perfection.
And these huge bunches of hypericum branches. I normally only buy these in fall and winter
for autumn and Christmas stylings so these will be popping up in photos very soon.

The Finding Fall tour

I added all the links to all the gorgeous homes in the Finding Fall tour.
And oh my... the inspiration is everywhere. I was seriously among some amazing talent
and was seriously inspired. 
Find the tour  HERE and start from the beginning 
with Finding Home Farms and BHG.

Over at HomeGoods this week

I shared tips for creating a vintage look in a bathroom
and why if you stay with what you love- you will be happy.

And that is about it for todays Saturday musings.
Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

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