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An autumn evening in the orchard

In the area behind our house
there is an old twisty path that leads you up to the back of the yard
and right between the line of cedar trees 
and up into a grassy clearing. 

Autumn outdoor sitting area with lights and pumpkins

If you keep going just a bit further...
you will find yourself in the middle of  a teeny tiny apple orchard.

Lights and fire pit

One that is tucked in between stately old pines
 and surrounded by seemingly endless blackberry bushes
 and whose old twisty gnarly trees are dotted with the
smallest of rosy red apples.

Autumn evening in apple orchard

It is lit by star and moonlight mostly
and now also by a scattering of 

cafe lights in apple orchard

and strings of charming cafe lights that dance
from one apple tree to the next.

Cafe lights and fire pit

It is a quiet little area and isn't really a part of our property that we use all that often.
But every time I wander back through it I fall in love with that hidden little spot that is
 surrounded by the charm of nature again.

Autumn fire pit in apple orchard

Recently we set up a small seating area that can be enjoyed for a cup of coffee
during the day
and for a cup of cocoa and roasting marshmallows
in the evenings.

The star of the seating group- a gorgeous copper fire pit  from Balsam Hill
whose warm copper color glows whether it is holding a fire or not.

Autumn evening roasting marshmallows by fire

And these roasting forks makes making s'mores simple & easy.

autumn evening with hot cocoa by fire pit

If you haven't already noticed, I am loving copper this season
and have been using these copper mugs for flowers in table settings 
and for cocoa.

pumpkins and chair in apple orchard

Wrapping up in a warm wool throw and sitting around a fire while enjoying 
all the beauty that nature has to offer this time of year 

autumn in apple orchard with candles

makes for a pretty enjoyable  evening gathering 

fire in fire pit and candles glowing in apple orchard

with friends and family out under the stars.

Happy Tuesday everyone

Find all these gorgeous pieces right at Balsam Hill to create your own 
cozy entertaining area. 

I worked with Balsam Hill on styling and photographing this project
but all opinions and my intense love of apple orchards, hot cocoa and evenings by the fire
 are my own of course.

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  1. Hi Courtney, these little hidden out of the way areas in ones grounds are like little getaways. Your little secret spot lit up in lights and the outdoor wicker seating and the woolen through so invite a warm cozy feeling of wanting to share in a quiet autumn night with you here. Love the copper accents as well, your pit will only take on more beauty as you burn in it, and those mugs I have noticed for some time now with you and are perfect for your use.

    Love this rustic setting, it's a whole different part of your white french beauty you create.


    1. Hi Dor'e! It truly is like a little getaway! It is a charming little spot- and yes, I am mildly obsessed with those copper mugs! ;) Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Your style, wording, & photography are seriously so soothing & stunning..I mean is there anything better then this cute little spot you've blogged..nope!! Happy Tuesday, Courtney!


    1. Thank you so much Paige Rose! And a happy Tuesday to you as well! :)

  3. What a wonderful and magical place! It makes me want to curl up under a cozy blanket with a cup of tea and a good book!
    Happy Autumn! X

  4. Hi Courtney,

    I like the rustic beauty of this part of your property. It is very cozy and perfect for marshmallow toasting. Thanks for the autumn inspiration!


  5. Hello, Courtney. Your photos are beautiful as usual. Just wanted to ask about your copper mugs. Are they suitable for hot drink? I have copper mule mugs, but can drink only cold drinks from them, because they became very hot and even impossible to hold in hand.

    1. Hi there! Yes, you can use these for hot beverages~ they are double walled which helps to keep them getting too warm for your hands. These are the ones I have- Hope that helps!!

  6. Beautiful photos of a magical place! I just received my Balsam Hill catalog today and was looking at these very items! :)

    1. Hi Jennifer! It is GORGEOUS isn't it? Such great inspiration!

  7. What great retreat! Perfect Fall

  8. Courtney, you really brought this to life! It's 93 degrees in Fresno, California as I write this so I could feel the heat of the fire, lol. Seems to be the year of copper, I've pulled out some of mine and sure enjoy the warm color. Your setting is absolutely charming and peaceful.
    Donna at

    1. Thank you Donna! 93 is hot! Not quite that hot here- but I am definitely enjoying the warm days and cool nights. Thank you for stopping by!

  9. I know in So Cal it hasn't exactly been cool, but if you stay out late enough it becomes cool by California standards... Cool enough to sit by this beautiful fire and cozy up under a blanket! Your outdoor Fall setting is really pretty!

  10. I think you live in a magical place

  11. Your own little retreat! How enchanting! Kathleen in Az

  12. What an inviting and relaxing space you have created! Love every detail... the copper too :0) ! I hope for a space like that someday!

  13. This is so pretty - a place for special memories to be made. Wonderful!!!
    Michelle from

  14. Oh Courtney, what a cozy and inviting place you have created! I found a copper watering can at a garage sale and suddenly am seeking out anything copper for my kitchen as it is such a warm and perfect color for Autumn! Your photos are so amazing as always! Happy Autumn dear!!

  15. Oh Courtney, what a cozy and inviting place you have created! I found a copper watering can at a garage sale and suddenly am seeking out anything copper for my kitchen as it is such a warm and perfect color for Autumn! Your photos are so amazing as always! Happy Autumn dear!!

  16. It looks absolutely perfect Courtney! I am working on my own outdoor getaway...looking forward to our first fire on a cool night.

  17. Enchanting in every way...


  18. I think the photos are simply stunning. I love how you created a romantic little fall getaway! The decorations just scream fall!

  19. Wow! What an oasis, that would make you feel that you escaped to another world. I love it and...can I come over?
    I seriously have been crushing on copper myself and those mugs look like GREAT cocoa mugs and would be perfect for floral displays to or even little baby plants :)

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  20. Hi Courtney,

    What a cozy and secluded spot you've created for sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows! Looks like the perfect little getaway on your very own property and a neat way to enjoy a stay-cation.

    I'd love to have a small apple orchard that wouldn't overwhelm me with upkeep. And those vintage style lights, which have been on my shopping list for a while now, too ~ how lovely!!

    Happy Autumn!

    Mary from Cottage B at Home ~ Vintage Country Living