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Simple & sweet autumn vignette

Do you remember last year when I gathered up some of those pretty 
soft colored pumpkins and some of those little white baby pumpkins
and stacked them up in a tray
with just a few sprigs of hydrangea blooms
and white berries?

It was one of those simple stylings that took just about 5 minutes to put together.
Those are the best ones right?
The ones that you can work on in between all that other stuff you do.

Because in between sweeping the floor
washing the slips
picking up after the grand dog
dashing to the store
and baking a delicious homemade apple pie...
you can also add 
'create a pumpkin filled crate vignette'
 to the accomplishments that day
and cross it off your list.

That is if creating a pumpkin vignette is on your list.

This is one of those seriously simple- anything goes type of an autumn display.
I am not a big fan of rules- but I am a big fan of doing what makes you happy.
SO- I used pale greens, grays and whites for my pumpkins
but if orange has your heart- go for it.

Just gather up an old crate or tray
 few favorite pumpkins
in a few sizes
 fresh greens.

I used eucalyptus branches and green hydrangea blooms but there are a ton of
branches you could use that you could probably find right in your yard.

Start by placing the big pumpkins and then the greens.

I like to let the greens drape out of the box just a bit
and you can layer them so that some of them peek out if you like.

Up next, start tucking in a few of those itty bitty baby boos
here and there
 and add a few sprigs of berries for a pop of color.

And then make yourself a pumpkin spice latte coffee with all that fancy leafy heart shape in the milk
and grab a slice of that freshly baked homemade pie
put your feet up
and smile at that gathering of pumpkins
and check
'create a pumpkins in a crate vignette'
right off your  to- do list.

Or....maybe more like...
you trip over the dog toy that
you know he left right.there. to mock you
and spill your coffee - splashing it on the freshly washed slips
and then realize that you were so entranced on making a beautiful mess
with your latest project
 that you forgot that there was that apple pie baking away in the oven
and so now instead of yummy vanilla ice cream topped dessert
you have something that more resembles
crispy cardboard.
aye aye aye

But hey-
you got that pumpkins in a crate vignette done
and it looks 
So either way-  it is all good.

Happy Monday everyone.

If you want to see last years version of pumpkins in a crate- you can find that post here


  1. You always have the most beautiful and inspiring posts!

  2. You gave me some great ideas for my old crate...

  3. The photos are great ! Love the colors and thanks for the grast idea.

  4. I love the contrast between the rustic and the pretty in your vignette, Courtney! Aren't old crates the best for decorating with?! They're so versatile and often have wonderful graphics to boot.

    Happy Autumn!

  5. Love the vignette!! Those are such neat colors, a little bit of pale fall :) That is such an easy but so pretty project.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor