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A few of my favorite things

Did you know that when I was a teenager that
there was a bit of time when Julie Andrews and I were BFF's?

Christmas stocking on antique buffet deux corps

As in, every weekend, I put on comfy pajama pants
and warm slippers and snuggled in for an evening of
'The Sound of Music'

It was on repeat.
I loved everything about it.
All the music. 
The family. The story. 
That amazing house and all those incredible design elements,
 beautiful fabrics and pieces of furniture
And I loved stepping into a movie and getting a little peek at place where 
everything was so different than my tumultuous teen years
that seemed to be filled with embarrassments and faux pas.

For example, over in Austria
you could sit in a row boat while wearing clothes made out of green damask curtains 
and be completely amazing.

Even when you fall over into the water.

Christmas ornament on the mantel with twinkling lights

And you could also put on a puppet show in about 10 minutes 
that was basically on the scale and magnitude of a Hollywood movie.

You could fall in love by moonlight out in the gazebo
or while dancing at an incredible party.

And you could sing about your ABC's and your Favorite Things
and be just simply amazing.

Christmas red transferware platter with pomegranates

Even if someone set you up 
by placing a pokey pinecone on a chair.

And pinecones also happen to be one of my favorite things
 for adding Christmas in a hurry.

Christmas mantel with pinecones and greens

And here are a few more.

A simple but charming idea- 
a transfer ware cup filled with nuts in the cupboard.

Blue Transferware cup filled with nuts with Christmas greens

Or a platter with pomegranates 
and fresh greens all around- on the table or on the shelf.

Pomegranates in antique blue transferware Christmas

A simple Christmas wreath on a door or cupboard.

Christmas wreath on cupboard with  white dishes

Or a stocking hung on an old key 
instead of the fireplace.

Knit stocking on antique buffet deux corps Christmas

Or maybe a stair railing

Faux fur stocking on stair railing

Fresh garland on a headboard
and an old wooden box filled with vintage ornaments

Vintage ornaments in crate on bed

sweet little packages with silky ribbons

Pretty Christmas packages with ornament

tiny trees in teacups

Pomegranates and tiny tree in cup

 ornaments displayed in a hat box.

Christmas ornaments in hat box

And of course there is  much, much more.
Because, these are just a 
of my favorite things
for simple and quick Christmas touches.

See more ideas in my Home Tour
and in my 5 easy ways to get Christmas Cottage Style  guide.
and I am excited to share 
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even those 
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The flickering tree candles, those gorgeous trees, stockings, decor, ornaments
you name it.


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  1. I loved the Sound of Music! My aunt who is gone now took me to see it and you are absolutely right. Julie Andrew's voice, the house and the clothes! And the mountains! I lived near the German side of the Alps as a child and to this day it is the most beautiful place on earth. Edelweiss is one of my favorite songs.

  2. That is my favorite movie of all time. Love your pretty decor and ideas. Merry Christmas

  3. Love the song Edelweiss too! And of course the movie too! Are you sure you're not a stylist or a designer? Your decor is so romantic, elegant and magical. My decor is very simple, but I can use a few of your suggestions and it does make a difference:)
    Kathleen in Az
    I love the wreath on your new " old " cupboard.

  4. Great movie and some great easy items to add Christmas to your house :) My décor is simple but very holiday (hehe), I have a small apartment so I can't go overboard. Love pinecones and super cheap to find or buy!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Décor

  5. Exquisite post! Here’s to decades more of the BFF friendship between you and Julie Andrews! 🥂 (I love that movie, too!)