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DBC Scholarship Opportunity

It has been a crazy wonderful whirlwind travel week over here 
that included 3 days at the Las Vegas Market soaking up tons of inspiration and design trends.

French kitchen with grapes and cheese and cake on the island

I want to say a  huge thanks to those readers who came over to say hello, 
to join me on my tour through the pavilions 
and for joining our panel discussion on social media.  

I can't wait to share what caught my eye at Market this time - and there will be much more coming on that soon. Today,  I wanted to talk conferences.

kitchen with berry topped cake and grapes on the island and flowers in the sink

I have been sharing bits and pieces about the Design Bloggers Conference with you for awhile now- and I know so many of you have mentioned or emailed me about wanting to attend and that had recently missed the early bird discount.

But did you know that the Design Bloggers Conference has a scholarship opportunity?
Where 5 bloggers are chosen and given a free pass to the conference 
and to all the information and inspiration and amazing opportunities to mingle with some of the design and the design blogging worlds best?
Yes, it is true.

Here is what you need to know:

The scholarship will be awarded to 5 worthy bloggers to help them to attend the conference and give them the opportunity to learn and to build their business.

There are rules to apply of course- but don't let them scare you- they aren't too complicated 
(copied from DBC website)

The Rules

Design Bloggers who have been regularly posting for six months or more are eligible
Applicants are asked to describe their blog, their financial need pertaining to the conference, and why they are deserving of the scholarship

The scholarships will be awarded through a committee selection process based on the above mentioned focus criteria

Winners of the scholarship will receive a free conference pass.

We will accept applications for the scholarships through February 8, 2016

Winners will be announced on February 15, 2016

The winners will also be invited to submit a guest blog to appear on the Design Bloggers Conference website profiling how they got started, their blog, and their aspirations.

Entries should be sent via email to"

Sounds amazing right? 
Seriously- for those of you who have emailed me about attending (you know who you are! ) Go apply now for this scholarship. 

You never know- you might be awarded a scholarship- and going to this conference might be the first step in changing the course of where blogging is taking you.
 But don't forget that applications need to be received by February 8- that is just over a week away.

For more information you can go to the DBC website and explore- or drop me an email. 

Oh and one.more.thing...

 I just found out that I was nominated for a Hall of Fame award for Best Graphics at Design Bloggers Conference. Pretty exciting!! If you are so inclined- I would appreciate your vote! You can read more about it and vote here

Coming your way
Get your party planning on- 
because I am sharing several ways to set a perfect table and dazzle your guests,
plus- a cheesecake recipe that will knock your socks off and is perfect for Valentines Day
and a tale about a certain little grand dog.

I'm off to pour another cup of coffee- 
hope everyone is staying warm and dry this weekend.

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  1. Such a wonderful thing that the DBC is doing!

  2. Darn, I went ahead and bit the bullet and registered for the DBC so I could secure the early bird price. Of course, I am lucky enough to live within easy driving distance, so I don't have the expense of airline tickets. I am hoping to find a roommate for the hotel if anyone is interested. :)

  3. Oh WOW CONGRATS!!! I can definitely see why you were nominated :)

    Lauren | Lovely Decor