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Design Bloggers Conference

Can I tell you a story?

A story about a girl who loved design and decorating and fixing up a 1940's cottage
and fell in love with the idea of blogging.

Taking photos every time something changed in the living room
or styling a new vignette 
or even sharing about that time 
reupholstered 'Charles Faudree' inspired sofa.

She wasn't a traditional 'designer'
but she knew that that a beautiful room filled with things that make you smile
was something that she loved.

A couple years ago, that same girl saw this amazing conference that was all about 
interior designers and blogging.
It sounded perfect. 
Learn more about blogging 
meet other bloggers 
listen to s interior designers and influential people
speak about design and trends and blogging

She thought about going... but wasn't sure if it was right for her.
She was more DIY design than traditional.
But a conference all about 
design, decorating, home and garden
and blogging
sounds like a dream, right?

It has been a conference that I have been thinking about going to 
for several years now and for one reason or another- it hasn't worked out to go each year

this diy design blogging girl is 
to be going this year.

Though I haven't been before
I can tell you that I have heard nothing but amazing things 
from people who have gone to it.
Again and again and again.
And who say they wouldn't miss it.

So several of you have asked- what is it all about?
It is about design and blogging and how it all intertwines and comes together.
It is about building business and relationships and learning new ways to grow.
Plus- inspirations-
the keynote speakers are pretty impressive.

 Cynthia Rowley, India Hicks, 
Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner 

So are you wondering if it is right for you?

Per the website:
Design Bloggers Conference is perfect for:
Design bloggers - 
individuals, small businesses, associations, or other organizations
Interior design writers
Design enthusiasts or aspiring interior designers
Interior designers
Suppliers to the luxury home design community

courtesy of Design Bloggers Conference

Aside from mingling with other like minded bloggers, designers and enthusiasts
the DBC offers some other pretty amazing things-
 like a free Blog Clinic for help with your blog-
and free Pre-conference workshops on writing and photography.
Plus the opportunity to network with brands, manufacturers, and luxury home suppliers.

Courtesy of Design Bloggers Conference

Maybe you are more of a Garden blogger-
well, they have a conference just for you as well.
Find out more about the Garden Bloggers Conference and how it can help you 

And this year- the conference offering includes the Digital Marketing Summit as well-
which is a must attend event that is
 perfect for learning more about branding, e-commerce and 
digital design marketplace and platforms. 

Basically-a conference full of
all things home inspiration,  interior design, marketing, branding, e-commerce
garden inspiration, blogging and brands...
you name it.

If you would like more information on all of the conferences
you can find it here:
and for a limited time
 you can take $100 off your registration
(ends January 24th)

I hope to see you there!

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  1. Thank You for all the info.,sounds like a lot of fun.I'm happy for You,enjoy Yourself.I do like conferences,always have, ever since nursing school when We would all pile into the car and off We would go.Hugs Denise

  2. It actually does sound fun....
    I trust you will fill us in....

  3. Congrats on your speaking engagement, Courtney! It sounds like an informative and fabulous event.

  4. Congrats on your speaking engagement. It sounds like a lot fun/ work.

  5. I'm very excited for you! Kathleen in Az

  6. Just to meet India Hicks would be amazing....Have the best time...