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Elegant, easy (and gorgeous!) bouquets for entertaining

There was once a little girl who loved picking fresh flowers.

She would pick the tiniest of blooms to place in a jar
and even had been known to clip bits of clover that grew in the grass
and enjoy the subtle sweet scent.

Not surprisingly, she grew into a big girl who loved fresh flowers just as much. 
And possibly even more so.

A big girl who wanders into the market for dinner bits 
and gets side tracked looking at the new arrivals 
in the floral department.

A girl who thinks fresh flowers belong in every room
and that a bouquet is not just for special occasions-
but perfect for all year long occasions.

A girl who probably should have been a florist. 
Or an event planner. 
Or maybe both.
 Along with being a blogger and photographer
and design junkie.
You see, that girl can't resist a pretty face. 
And she knows that a bouquet does not have to be extravagant to be amazing-
it just needs to be filled with flowers that talk to you. 

After so many requests for more on how to create gorgeous looks like a million bucks flower arrangements that really cost a sprinkling of that-
 I am working on more entertaining ideas than ever for my blog.
From table settings to flowers to easy and elegant food ideas. 
And today-
I'm sharing the first of 3 ways to use the same flowers
 and get a different look for your table.
 I literally took so many photos you would need a full cup of coffee
 to read the post with all of them.

For these 3 bouquets-
 I am using just 2 types of flowers and 2 types of greens- and today it is all about  
Peonies and roses with eucalyptus.

This bouquet is a 'place setting' bouquet-
so it is in a shorter glass- I used a vintage high ball glass.
You will need to clip your peonies short- as in shorrrt to use a glass this size-
I clipped mine to about 3.5- 4" long.

Then clip your roses to around the same.
It is good to vary the size just a bit on some of them
to allow for the bouquet to have different 'heights'.

Place the peonies first
then add the roses.
For reference- this bouquet has 3 peonies and 7 roses.
Up next- a few sprigs of eucalyptus.

I clipped 3 sprigs of eucalyptus to tuck in- but it is up to you if you want 
more greenery or less.
 There is no method to the madness with where to place it but generally I like to place them at the base of the flowers- and one at the top that kind of floats a bit.

 This is the place setting I used for all 3 flower stylings- 
have we talked about how much I am in love with these dishes?
 Pretty sure we have- but for the record...
I am with these dishes.
Like mushy gushy makes my heart skip a beat major crush in love.

And here is the finished place setting bouquet atop the dishes.

Perfect presentation. 
Perfect for a party favor gift for your guests and they are just plain gorgeous to look at on the table. 
And a sweet bouquet at their place setting will warm the hearts of flower loving party guests every time.  

Up next- a single stem bouquet mixed with something that might surprise you- 
and that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start.
I am off an an adventure this week-
follow along on instagram to see what I am up to.

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  1. Back in the 70s, my friends mom always had fresh flowers and plants in their home. Since then, my friends home always has fresh flowers, makes her smile.
    You have a lot to offer at the conference. Your style is romantic, dreamy, elegant, and magical.
    Kathleen in Az

  2. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing your technique! I've always wanted to get better at arranging flowers. Maybe this year I need to make it one of my goals.

  3. So simple but oh so elegant....


  4. I am so crushing on all of the photos, The flowers are just gorgeous.
    Hope your Monday was great.

  5. I miss peonies! When I lived in NJ I had a long row of peonies. I tried to grow them in the coastal SC lowcountry...they do not like the heat. Your bouquets are lovely and I can only imagine the fragrance!

  6. I miss peonies! When I lived in NJ I had a long row of peonies. I tried to grow them in the coastal SC lowcountry...they do not like the heat. Your bouquets are lovely and I can only imagine the fragrance!

  7. Wonderful post-loved everything about it! I dove into some of your older posts and came across the one about your gorgeous bathroom! I love the wallpaper you used! Any chance you could share where it can be bought? My husband and I just bought a home this past summer and are redoing it room by room-the master bath is next (can't wait to get my claw foot tub!!) and that wallpaper would be PERFECT! Thank you.

  8. wow, that's gorgeous!
    i love peonies. such beautiful photos too.

    have a nice day~

  9. ...and thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

  10. So beautiful! I too love fresh flowers. What a beautiful post! Have a wonderful week.