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Romancing your home- Write a love note

I asked and you answered... 
Today I am kicking off a semi- weekly challenge series about bringing back
 that loving feeling with your home.

Yes, I know you are singing that song right now.
I am too. 

When I first talked about that loving feeling you have with a room- 
and finding out one day when you walk in -
 that that passionate loooove has somehow has turned more into a meh -

to be honest... 
I was thinking of several rooms.

Call it my passionate love of always making a few changes.
Sometimes I simply feel the need for something new.
Things like fabrics. Furniture. Paint. 
Okay or maybe just tear the whole room down and start again- right?
But sometimes it isn't about changing the whole entire room.
Maybe you just make a little change and it gives you a fresh perspective
 and a whole new loving feeling.

So I am all about little changes and little things that make your room feel fresh.
And you have to start at the beginning... choose a room you have lost that loving feeling for.
And remember-
you fell in love with your room or style or something about it at some point, right?
Start there.

This week- my room of choice is the living room.

Ahhh the living room... 
it is true that it has looked pretty much the same for several years.

White slipcovered sofas. 
The same color of white on the walls.
Behind the sofa- there is a vintage sideboard and a favorite old $5 mirror. 
About the only thing that seems to change really often is this room is the fireplace decor.
Well, that and the curtains- haha. 
 I think I counted 3 different styles when looking through older photos.

I love this room...but at the same time, sometimes I walk in 
and feel like something is missing sometimes or I'm tired of something in it
or something just isn't working like it used to 
 and I just want to shake it up a bit.

So what if you are not really 100% certain just what you want to change yet... 
and all you know is that you don't love it like you should...
 where do you go from lack of LOVE 
to figuring it out?

Write A Love Letter

Yes, I am serious.

I think the first place to start when looking at your room and wanting to make a change-
 is to look at the room and write a love note to it. 
Think of what you love about it when you walk in
 and what gives you warm fuzzy feelings. 
What you think works, what makes you smile.
Maybe it is that favorite chair you sink into with your coffee every morning.
Or that spot by the window that is flooded with warm sunshine every day.
Maybe it is your favorite lamp on the side table that reminds you of your grandmother.
Think about what you want to wrap your arms around and give a hug to- and that you want to keep
 even with the changes you would like to make.

 Because in order to fall in love with something all over again - 
you have to appreciate it first.

My Living Room Love Note

Big time love for the architectural details this room has.
I have a huge love of the wood walls -they add instant charm and character 
and are easy to work with. The bead board and beams we added to the ceiling are another favorite.
The huge fireplace that takes center stage and the french doors that bring in so much light.
The extra bling on the chandelier and the dark wood flooring-
 I am in love every day of the week.
And decor wise ?
I love the white slipcovered furniture, mingling with mid century antiques and that old worn bench -
The elegant bits mingling with the rustic is what speaks to me the most.

What would your love note say?

Starting with working from the things you love-
 and that you appreciate and don't want to change-
 making a few changes in the things that are not talking to you as much is easier.
It gives you a place to start.

For my room-
 things like a fresh coat of paint and refinished flooring will come down the road
but we are keeping it simple this week.

So I am going to shake things up a bit decor wise and make a few simple 
and easily achievable 
changes to bring a fresh perspective. 

Think pillows, fabrics, curtains, decor...

I will share those simple changes and how the room feels  to start. 

So this week-
should you choose to join in and start romancing your home
 I am challenging you to do a little homework.

Choose a room you want to fall in love with again
and write a love note to it.

Jot down what you love-
and then look at it and make a note of what you would like to change. 
Remember- keep it achievable -it doesn't have to be expensive or involved.
And if you really want to jump in- tackle the challenge 
and try something new
and let me know how it goes.

That is it for today. 
I am off to fall in love with the living room again.

See you tomorrow for Feathered Nest Friday.

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  1. I am up for this challenge and it will push me to finish painting and organizing in my reading room.
    Thanks for the gentle nudge, Courtney!

  2. The love letters that you can write would fill up a book....and what a wonderful book that would be!

    1. Thank you Shirley!! I do have a love affair with a few things for sure! And yes to a book! ;) xo

  3. Courtney, There, the three of them. I fell in love with your three stack French tables. I have looked everywhere and here they are in your room! I have been shopping at estate sales, antique furniture stores, and yearly community sales in my area. Please tell me you remember where you found them. You must have loved them at one point:)

    1. Oh I love them even now!! They are favorites for sure- they just move around a bit! ;) I have one in the bedroom, one in the office and one in the living room even now. :)
      I found them in a thrift store actually- but if you look on Ebay, craigslist, etc and search Florentine nesting tables- you might find a set! :)

  4. What a lovely post. I spot something different: you changed chandeliers. I think when you have timeless, classic taste, you don't need to make radical changes. Maybe just moving things around, giving them (and you) a different perspective.
    I did a pre-spring cleaning last weekend, and it was almost as good as having changed the decor.

  5. I love your dreamy posts and your taste in decorating. I'm ready for spring and white slipcovers. Please tell me where you buy yours, please. Love love your ideas. Thanks for cheering me up with your pictures and posts. Come on spring! ♥️

  6. My dearest Courtney,
    your so good tase knows no comparisons, I love your style !
    May your weekend be blessed with love and joy,
    with thankfulness