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Weekend View Las Vegas Market

Can we just talk about this gorgeous mirror for a moment?

Maybe just stare at it and appreciate all the amazing details.
The gilding. The carvings. That perfect pale blue... 

It is definitely on the 
'Wrap it up' list. 

5 favorite delicious, fresh and easy to make summer recipes

Have I ever mentioned that our cottage does not have air conditioning?

Our cottage was built in 1940 back when air conditioning wasn't a 'thing'.
Some people think it is crazy that we don't have it even now, but most of the time in summer- 
we are totally fine without air conditioning- the house stays pretty cool.
You see, we have a secret weapon. 

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!

I hope that your week has been going well!

Romancing the home and a 250 word challenge about your style

Recently, someone asked me a question that made me pause just a little...

It wasn't a deep thinking, what is the meaning of life, delve into your past feelings 
and figure out why you are the way you are 
type of question.  
 It was a straight forward question that should be simple
 and easy to sum up in a few sentences.

I sat down, opened my computer and I started at the beginning. 
 962 words later.. not bad.
But about 712 words over the assignment.

One Change for Elegant Old World Cottage Charm in the Kitchen

Last week,
  something amazing happened in the kitchen.

And it wasn't a new recipe. 
It was something like putting on new makeup, new clothes and that sassy tie up pair of heels 
  whole new you amazing.
Have you ever noticed how sometimes just one thing can make all the difference?
Like those sassy tie up shoes.
You can wear heels with that little black dress...
or you can wear HEELS. 
Heels that make you feel amazing and that turn heads
 and have people talking.

And I say 
Let them talk.

Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

It has been a busy and yet relaxing week over here. I have been down in San Diego on a girls trip with my daughter and sister for the past few days.

Friday Favorites Beautiful French Vintage Style Furniture

Chippy gorgeous gray blues with a delicate touch of gilding?
Well, you know that delightful combination stole my heart 
and ran away with it.

Add in those delicious curves and details and vintage style shape and size-
 and I knew they were absolutely perfect.

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!

I hope your week has been going well!

Light up the night Summer Tour

Last weekend, there was hot, sunny
95 degree heat
 and a lot of water balloons flying through the air.

You know how water balloon fights go.
They are big carefully orchestrated events.

How to decorate a simple and charming mantel for a party

I am in love with simple decor.

Something with just a touch of gold
a sprinkling of pretty
and a whole lot of charm
without a whole lot of work.

A charming way to welcome party guests & capture great memories

This weekend was about family.
It was about celebrating and simply catching up.
And it involved cake and lots of nibbles and
just a few flowers...

and a whole lot of goofing off and laughter.

Weekend View

Balloons, cake, market blooms-
this week (and weekend) view...

Has been a busy one.

3 reasons why I love charming beautiful wood plank walls

This week, 
I was working and playing for a couple of days on location with 
Balsam Hill in a gorgeous old antique house that was majorly talking to me.

Old plaster walls, 
2' high baseboard details, 
original wood floors and banks of windows and built in bookcases. 
It was an original condition antique house lovers dream house.

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!

It has been a busy week of party prep, travel and working on location with Balsam Hill on a little bit of  Christmas 2016 for print and video.

The Secret That Makes This Beautiful Marble Mosaic Tile the Best

If I told you that I had fallen in love with a floor tile- you might think I was a little crazy.
But this marble mosaic? Well, it had me at hello.

Mosaic tiles are just absolutely gorgeous in my book.
Each piece fits just so into the other and then the next
and all together- an amazing detailed, pattern is formed.
And with so many color and style options- I can't get enough of them.
But I have a confession...

Simple and easy way to transform a vintage mantel

If you are like me... 

there are quite a few things that you get a vision for 
and that speak 'potential' to you.

June in review Top 12 Favorite Posts

I can hardly believe we are well into July already 
and that summer is almost half over.

Every year around this time I start to feel like summer is just zooming by way too fast.
School starts up in early to mid August over here- and seems to start earlier all the time. 
Right now, we are gearing up for that graduation party that is just a week away- 
so lots of busy last minute stuff going on.
 And about 23 new projects that I decided HAVE to be done RIGHT NOW before
the party.

Friday Favorites A warehouse filled with pretty inspiration

Vintage brassy golds,
subtle oatmeal linens
and chippy well worn patina 
kind of makes me weak in the knees

And mix in a few bits of vintage florentine?
Especially next to a vintage chaise
that is covered in creamy linen and gorgeous carved details.

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!

The first week of July has been a busy one over here-
here is what I shared:

5 reasons why I am obsessed with pretty bottles

The other day I walked into HomeGoods...
and walked out 
with a bin filled with bottles of hand soap.

I stood in the bathroom aisle and picked up each and every bottle
and as I found what I was looking for,
 I set them in my cart. 

Other shoppers were staring at me... 
and I was giving them the 'don't touch that bottle' look 
as I hoarded all the glass bottles with pretty labels.

The best simple delicious fresh fruit & lemon drizzle dessert

Fresh fruit,
whipped topping 
and a delicious lemon drizzle...

I am pretty sure that this delicious dessert
could be considered a perfect breakfast.

Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

With a long weekend, it almost feels like a Saturday over here instead of a Sunday.  

The month of July is the month in between school being out and school starting up again
 and it just feels like summer.  

5 simple and easy ways to decorate with red, white and blue

Hello July!

I cannot.believe it is July 1st already.  
I am not sure where June went.
 Or May even. 
But here we are starting off the middle of summer month of July
this weekend is a big get together, BBQ's, travel, swimming at the lake,
 relaxing in the hammock and recharging kind of weekend.
Or it may just be a tackle the to-do list with an extra -day off work weekend too.  ;)