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A charming way to welcome party guests & capture great memories

This weekend was about family.
It was about celebrating and simply catching up.
And it involved cake and lots of nibbles and
just a few flowers...

and a whole lot of goofing off and laughter.

Such as water balloon fights. (more coming there)
Pranks, snapchat snippets 
and a certain bicycle.

While I ran around the house on Saturday sweeping the floors
and spritzing linen spray, 
I also created a few simple bouquets with some of those market blooms from last week
and scattered just a few of them around the house here and there
Like in the dining room.

The bedroom

and the bathroom of course.

And I also decided to create a simple, charming welcome for family out on the lawn.
With just a few balloons and blooms,
a pretty present and bicycle.

It was a simple sweet display that is so easy to put together.
It literally took me about 5 minutes.
But it definitely said  'Welcome' in a charming way.

Whether you have an old bike or a new one like this one
for a birthday party, grad party or even just a family get together-
a little display out in the driveway or by your entry is a perfect way to greet your guests and say hello.

And... a bonus?
Something like this becomes a great photo prop 
for party goers as well.

I kind of got the feeling they were mocking that balloon bicycle set up...

But it was so funny... 

I said mock away.

If you are busy with hostess duties,
 you can simply set up a camera on a tripod with a timer
and let guests go to town having fun

And you will probably have a good time seeing what they came up with.
There is a reason I call these guys my 'goofballs' 

Love them all so much.

Coming your way later this week, 
a close up of the mantel dressed for the party
and a fun tour all about lighting up the night.

Hope your week is off to a great start

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  1. Love your goofballs....and love that bike all dressed up for a party!!!

  2. Such a cute idea with the bike and and flowers,balloons , good looking family! All the photos so pretty.

  3. Love the sweet look of the decorated bike. Awesome idea!

  4. How sweet and funny that your kids enjoying your cute bike. Sounds like your family and friends had a great time celebrating:).
    Kathleen in Az

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