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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

It has been a busy and yet relaxing week over here. I have been down in San Diego on a girls trip with my daughter and sister for the past few days.

While they went to Comic Con to do all their fun stuff- I had a little work to do while in town and then - it was time to relax at the beach.  So this weeks edition is all about San Diego, the mantel, the kitchen and summer stylings.


First stop was Coronado. 

This was my view from the perfect little sandy spot on the beach. And let me just say,  Coronado beach is not a bad spot to relax or to work. 

And you might recognize this famous and absolutely stunning hotel as well. So pretty to look at while relaxing.

I will do a whole round up of what to do, where to go and places to eat in a post next week- and of course, a favorite beach to do some relaxing.

The Living Room Fireplace

Last week, I shared a peek at the fireplace in the living room dressed for the party we recently had. And did you notice something was missing? 
Probably not. 
Because it looks pretty subtle in the photos and I didn't take any super duper close ups. 
But... the carved decoration that was on the mantel is not there any longer.

Something new is in the works and on the way, and this next week, fingers crossed it gets wrapped up and ready to share.

In the Kitchen

And in the kitchen... 
something new to share there as well. 
Along with a delicious recipe for Avocado Pasta.

Summer Breeze

While I am enjoying the summer sunshine and breeze, this morning while getting into the car
I noticed a fresh burst of air that reminded me of fall
and have noticed that a lot of stores already have pumpkins out.
So I am working on summer
fall and Christmas currently and am feeling more than a little seasonally confused.

And  Las Vegas Market is coming soon
and you know that I will be gathering up quite a few inspirations for fall and Christmas 
decor this year.
Stay tuned for all the sneak peeks.

Coming your way this next week
something new in the kitchen
and fingers crossed- the new look on the mantel.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you're working on Fall and Christmas. It is soooo hot (even in Santa Barbara), I can't wrap my head around anything but the beach and summer reading... I hope it is going well.
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  2. Hope your daughter and sister had fun at comic con, I would love to go. Ahhh Fall and Pumpkins and well, cooler air:) so far 23 days and counting temps over 110 here in Hades, no, I mean Phoenix:(. Only half way through summer too. But we shouldn't rush days and I'll continue to read inspirational blogs like yours:). Kathleen in Az

  3. So love the San Diego area....and the Hotel Del Coronado is hubby was just in that area for business...Glad you had a great girls trip!

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je viens vous saluer rapidement de Ramatuelle où j'expose en ce moment mon travail.
    Je suis fascinée par l'ensemble de vos photos.

    Hummm !... je me servirais bien ! Vos petits gâteaux attisent mes papilles et accompagnés d'une tasse de thé, ce serait parfait !

    Gros bisous