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August in review

Hello weekend.

I hope that your weekend has been going well.
Today I am sharing a few favorites from August in my month in review post.
Things like styling shelves, the Habitat for Humanity house reveal, a bench makeover 
and an early morning tale.

August was a busy month for travel and projects over here- which is my favorite kind.
It started in Vegas, went across the country to Michigan and drove all the way down to Atlanta-
 and back to California. 
And along the way, some of these posts popped up on my blog.

Simple and full of flowers and fruit for a French inspired charm.

A story about that grand dog of mine who always seems to like to party at night. This time, it involved the grand dog olympic training. And he is doing pretty good if you ask me.

A few simple tips on styling shelves and making them pretty.

I am all about simple and charming- and this fresh flower wreath was a perfect project. Even better- it dried amazingly well. 

A trip that is always exhausting and always amazing and one that I would do every.single.year. if they would let me- the GMC Worlds Longest Yard Sale trip is such a treat to be a part of This year, I was coming from Las Vegas Market- and working with an injury so I was a mentor- and I had a most amazing time and feel blessed to have been a part of making a difference for this family.

Another popular one in August was how to make over a bench in 10 minutes. Because, sometimes, you need to add a last minute project to your list before party guests arrive.

Over at HomeGoods - I shared all about lighting up a room  and 4 charming early fall mantels

and at the Lamps Plus Style Illuminated blog~ it was a busy month all about pendant lights,

I also wanted to just take a moment to remember this day 15 years ago.
New York City has a soft spot in my heart and is one of my absolute favorite places to visit. 
Whenever I fly into NYC-  seeing that gorgeous skyline makes my heart flutter a bit. 
On one of the trips where my husband and I visited, he surprised me with a helicopter tour above the city and we looked over at the Freedom Tower standing tall and proud.

We wandered through the city walking up to the Empire State building afterwards and walked over to the Memorial.  And I can remember the heavy feeling of sadness and loss of innocence that I felt. It was eerily quiet and that part of the city seemed to have an energy different from the rest of it.
My husband served in the gulf war and fought for our country when he was just out of high school- and for him, visiting an area where so much of what he had fought against seemingly didn't make a difference in helping those who were affected was not easy. But he overwhelming felt a sense of pride for America.  It was a day in history that changed so much in our country and changed so many lives forever for so many.  And we will never forget.

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