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How to make over a bench in 10 Minutes

One morning,
 after being out of town for several days,
I wandered out to the kitchen,
poured my coffee,
 went to the living room and sat down on the sofa to do a little work...

 and noticed that something was missing.

At first, I wasn't quite sure what it was.
I thought maybe I just hadn't had enough coffee yet
or I was in a fog from the travel.
But as I sipped and stared across the room in the quiet of the morning
and then went to set my coffee cup down so I could work...
I knew what it was.

My rusty crusty old weathered bench that I absolutely adore
and that I was using as a coffee table
was missing.

I smiled and shook my head.
 I knew that old bench didn't just get up and walk away all by itself.
Somebody had moved it.
Someone who didn't feel the same love for vintage or rustic as I do.

 I knew who the culprit was.

It was my middle son.

Cullan is not a fan of chippy, shabby style-
and I guess he thought I wouldn't notice it if it was gone all of a sudden. 

I mean, it was only a 5' long green bench that was being used as a coffee table.  
So it not being there was not really noticeable, right?

We had already gone back and forth a few times with it...
me moving it back in the house, him moving it out and hiding it somewhere when I wasn't looking.
We kind of had a little joke going with it.

But in all honesty,
it was wonky and uneven and a little twisted and...
it needed some tinkering
so I could see his point.

I decided it was probably time to switch that old bench for something different
(well, until I get it fixed.) 

I wanted the perfect piece to go in the living room.
 Perfectly. Amazingly. Hand in glove. Kind of fit.
And I went back and forth and back and forth trying to decide what THE ONE' was.
I had a list of possibilities. But they either weren't in stock,
weren't the right size, wasn't the right patina...
and a day before the party, I found myself 
with 2 sofas in the living room
and no coffee table OR bench.

And so, I did what any sane person would do. 

I grabbed a bench that I had been using elsewhere
 reupholstered in 10 minutes
and called it

This bench seriously took 10 minutes to upholster.
 The hardest part was choosing the right fabric to go with it.
 It is a vintage bench that I have had for awhile,
that I just kind of fell out of love with.
And it is one that I have been thinking about changing for several years now.

 I wasn't a huge fan of the apple green any longer so it was on the always growing makeover list.
I actually already had the fabric in mind-
but not the buttons for re-tufting or the fabric yardage yet.

 I knew this would be a temporary fix and
grabbed it and tried 2 or 3 different fabric options that I did have on hand just in case
- but none of them made me start dancing.

 So, I went with something simple and neutral that would be easy to remove
after the party.


My oldest son  has joked about how many projects I do with burlap-
I blogged the story HERE

To me... burlap is like drop cloth and linen.
It is perfect for using with so many different pieces
and brings that rustic touch I love.

So this bench,
a piece of burlap, a few nails,
and that coffee table bench was wrapped and ready to go in time for the party.


Of course, you know it isn't staying.
It isn't 'THE ONE' that I am looking for a longer relationship with.
But I have to say that I am loving the juxtaposition for now.

and speaking of quick and easy makeovers- you can change the whole look of a space
with just one thing- like a  vanity in the bathroom.

Over at Style Illuminated this week- sharing a few favorites for a rustic chic look:
As I write this, I am on my way back from Atlanta and I have so much to share with you. 
So many laughs. So many happy tears. 
And an injury (ugh) which meant a change in the plan and a lot of left handed work.
But let's just say that the GMC Yard Sale was amazing as always. 
And the family was SO happy.
 And we all cried happy tears together. 
I will share the story and round up in a post coming your way all about the GMC trip as well as what happened in Vegas.
 And I can pretty much guarantee it probably isn't what you think. ;)

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. That's an impressive 10-minute job. Congratulations!
    I need to get into reupholstering. I have plenty of chairs to practice on. You are inspiring me to get to it.

  2. Nice! I like using dyed burlap in my creative work. Texture + colour.

  3. My condolences over your favorite bench ��, but the burlap one looks great��������

  4. Your recovered bench turned out great, Courtney! Really like the burlap!
    Enjoy it for a bit. It might grown on you. :)