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Simple French Autumn Inspired Fruit and Flowers centerpiece

Last week, I stopped at the SF Flower Mart on the way through the city.
And I will admit... 
I do tend to get a little giddy at the market with  all those pretty faces.

Can you picture me twirling and whirling through the warehouses 
with bundles and bundles of fresh flowers wrapped in newspaper?
It happens. 

I am the first to admit that I become slightly crazy when perusing through all of the flowers
And it was no different back in June when I gathered up garden roses, peonies, dahlias
and pomegranate and artichoke for a French autumn inspired centerpiece.

Styling props. 
And why doesn't my kitchen always look like this?

If I told you that I was obsessed with fresh flowers - well, no need to argue that at all.

When the editors at French Style Magazine reached out and asked me to put together three stylings including a centerpiece that was French autumn inspired... 
I didn't go in the usual autumn orange and rust  direction.
Surprise -surprise, right?

I dreamed up a few ideas and jotted down some notes and then
placed a chunky order at one of my favorite vendors at the market.

I went with blush, greens, soft sages, muted corals and just a sprinkling of yellow.
And then it was all about the bold red with 
pomegranate and that perfect little green artichoke.

 I clipped the flowers short and tucked a whole lot of greens into a large ironstone tureen until the shape and flow was right 
and then placed sliced pomegranate
and a couple small artichokes to round it out.

That pop of rich color in the fruit was a perfect foil 
to the blush and soft sage. 

It is a completely simple centerpiece really - and a little free flowing
with no big design plan.
Just flowers that I love, 
in soft muted colors
 that mingled together with photogenic (and delicious!)
 fruit and veggies.

It is always a  pinch me moment and honor to see my work and photography in print and 
You can see more of this styling and read all about my wild and crazy (not!) design aesthetic
 in French Style Magazine this month.

 I will admit that I might be a little on the non-traditional side with some things
 especially when it comes to autumn-
 but I am loving how this simple centerpiece turned out.

What do you think?
Do you love fruit and flowers mixed together? 

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. I always think that pomegranates look like they're full of rubies. So what's not to like? The artichoke is very pretty, too, though to me artichokes are spring: they come into season around March and often are served with lamb on Easter in France.

    1. Yes, arti's are definitely spring- and I LOVE them!! Here in California- we are enjoying them even now as we are moving into fall. They are like avocados for us- fresh almost year round. :) Thank you for stopping by!!

  2. A soft Autumn look is very romantic and I can see why a French style magazine would want your styling, a perfectly beautiful match:).
    Kathleen in Az

  3. Beautiful - I love the subtlety of your style! I looked up the magazine you mentioned, French Style so I could order a subscription. It looks like they only have back issues but it must be in print if you have a feature in it currently! do you know how I can subscribe to it? thank you!

  4. Courtney, I love your soft Autumn centerpiece with that pop of pomegranate red! I will have to pick up that latest edition! Pam @ Everyday Living

  5. Your beautiful stylings with fresh flowers always make me smile. Thank you.

  6. You are the centerpiece queen my friend! Always stunning.

  7. I love your blog.Meeting you has been a pleasure

  8. Gorgeous! Everything you do is gorgeous!

  9. Oh this is soooo pretty, and just my speed. Love it Courtney.