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5 minute decorating - simple dough bowl full of pumpkins

Can something as simple a dough bowl filled with pumpkins
make you happy?

I mean, it is just little white pumpkins..
in a dough bowl with pinecones and magnolia leaves.
It is simple- 
and it is also simply charming.

Out in the cottage- rustic takes center stage.
The cottage has a worn painted concrete floor
old wonky cupboards in the kitchen 
and an abundance of simple cottage charm.

With exposed beams on the ceiling 
where I hang flowers and herbs to dry

and a chair rail that covers the slightly not so straight lower wall
 that bumps out just enough to be a plate rack.

It is all rustic cottage 
and so when I style the cottage for fall or Christmas
I tend to play up that rustic charm.
And in the dining area
that rustic charm doesn't require a whole lot fuss- it is very simple.

Like a table centerpiece that is simply...
 a dough bowl filled with magnolia leaves, bleached pinecones 
and white pumpkins.

Yes, I know. It is brown. And green and much darker than you see in the house.
I am normally much more romantic inspired in the house...
with a whole lot of sprinkles of blush and soft colors
but for the cottage - playing up a little more natural and neutral 
is perfect.

I shared a peek at this dough bowl centerpiece 

and promised a closer look and details- 
and to let you in on a secret.

The pumpkins are real. 
The pinecones are real... but the magnolia? 
Not so much.

You might remember this magnolia garland that I used as a table garland-

I simply laid that garland in the dough bowl- 
added pinecone picks
and pumpkins 
and called it good.

A 5 minute plop it in the bowl and call it charming centerpiece.
And... yes, I have styled this dough bowl just a bit more romantically
to show a completely different look.
That is coming your way.

Find the pieces I used here:

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. Love your Cottage! the dough bowl is just too cute.!

  2. I look forward every evening to your post. It always makes me smile. Thank you for that😊

  3. Very pretty, bit of a southern touch with the leaves. You can switch out the pumpkins with gold and blush Christmas ornaments too! I love the shelf with all the beautiful copper and white dishes.
    Kathleen in Az

  4. lovely mix of magnolia and pumpkins. looks great and could go all the way through the new year with just a few additions.

  5. I love the dough bowl and the look - I have a shallow vintage wooden bowl... I wonder if I can substitute?