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Create a beautiful pumpkin bouquet centerpiece in 5 easy steps

It is that time of year when carving pumpkins is all the rage and grinning
 jack o lanterns start glowing away and ushering in Halloween night.

And then there are some of us who carve pumpkins into things that are a little less spooky 
and a little more romantic...

When I was styling that table a couple weeks ago,
I was thinking all about what type of centerpiece I was going to use.
I knew pumpkins were on the agenda since it was a Thanksgiving styling
but I wanted to do something different.

Something other than just pumpkins plopped in the center of a table
and calling it good.
And pumpkin vases came to mind.

Pumpkin vases are not a new thing- they have been around for awhile
and every year I see them pop up on pinterest and scroll right on past them.
Because they are usually in orange pumpkins. 
And orange is just not my color.
So while I contemplated the centerpiece, I looked at those little white pumpkins
and saw little white pumpkin vases.
And decided a trio of vases marching down the center of the table was perfect.

I love the white pumpkins with a sprinkling of romance.
 Those beautiful blush roses, eucalyptus and stock in all the non-traditional autumn colors.
It is kind of my signature look for fall.
But you can arrange your pumpkin bouquet any way that you would like
Yes,  you can use orange pumpkins if you like.
 I won't judge the orangeness 
and they will be absolutely beautiful on your table

Here is how you do it.

Choose a pumpkin that has the right bottom.
It needs to sit up by itself and not lean to one side.
So level pumpkins are key.

Start by carving the top off- just like if you are carving a jack o lantern.
And then take all those seeds out and give them to the neighborhood deer.

Plop a small glass or jar inside for your water- you don't want water just sitting in the pumpkin itself.
Trust me- it won't be pretty.

Then create your bouquet.
I start filling with greens first- this is seeded eucalyptus.

up next roses

then tuck in some berries and stock.

And voila.
You are the pumpkin bouquet queen.
And for a trio-  just repeat and repeat.

Of course, tinkering with anything else you might want to add 
is always a good idea- but that is the basic idea.

and then just place those pumpkin triplets on your table with a few sprigs of eucalyptus
brass candlesticks 
and a few baby boo friends...

and your romantic autumn inspired table 
centerpiece is done.

And here is a quick little flip video showing the process.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Oh Thank you for inspiration....this is just what I needed <3
    Happy Halloween <3

  2. What a beautiful centerpiece for the perfect Fall table. Thank you so much for sharing the great tutorial. I hope that you have a great weekend!!!

  3. your photos are sooo pretty, thanks for the pumpkin vase how too. The are just so pretty.

  4. Sooooo pretty. I have always skipped over the orange pumpkin vases, too. However, your white one strike just the right note - between whimsy and sophistication! I may have to copy you for this weekend!
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  5. I love the lower centerpieces. It's not so much fun when you can't see the people across the table. Very pretty, too!

  6. Beautiful, I did one w a cabbage an diff. Flowers an asparagus was pretty but this is Gorgeous Thz

  7. Again, another elegant, beautiful & unique pumpkin floral mix by you!! I want to dine there!:) I love the light lavender plates with it too!
    Thank you for inspiring me:)Happy Fall!