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Pumpkins, a Before & a Story

It is Halloween...
which means Jack O Lanterns glowing on porches,
ghosts and goblins and all things ghoulish...
And chocolate....a lot of chocolate.
Well, okay. And The Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown.

So for Halloween, I thought I would share a few favorite pumpkin photos
 and tale about  a 'before' that is a little on the scary side...
but that will be changing soon
like the pumpkin that turned into a carriage for Cinderella...

There was that day back in the day 
when I walked into a furniture store looking for a sofa. 
One that was small in size and budget. 
Oh and did I ever find it.
It was covered in a dark woven floral tapestry. 
Top to bottom. 
Even the cushions and throw pillows.
 It literally looked like a rug on a sofa. 
But maybe an aubusson rug... 
Well, except that at the time, I had not seen an actual aubusson rug in person yet...
so I was imagining. 

Actually though, it was quite cute and inexpensive and it fit the bill.
 It was a high end company so well made, but had an issue so was marked way down.
 With nothing else on the horizon that would work, I decided to put it on hold. 
But then... 
I saw the most amazing flower painted secretary cabinet in the back of the showroom.
One that was covered in flowers and charm and that had a more vintage style...

You know that piece came home with me. 
And I loved it.
 It was covered in pretty and filled with function. 
If you were following along back when I started my blog... 
you might remember it originally resided in the bathroom before several makeovers...

There it is in all of it's grainy, dark unedited, pattern on pattern on pattern, I just stepped back and snapped a photo with the lights on... glory... if that is what you can call it.
And... yes, I used my iphone3 for my blog when I started. 
That phone was outdated at that time and no one told me those photos were not fabulous.
So I pause... and  I have to say thank you. 
You guys rock. 
You  are seriously the best for just going with my terrible photos and reading anyway and encouraging me to do my thing even if it my photos were small and grainy and really not so great..
It was like you were giving me the chance to blossom without knocking the wind out of my sails.
And I so appreciate it.

(More of this Halloween styling HERE)

Back to that flower covered has tons of storage.
It held make-up, toothbrushes, all the things women need in the bathroom 
along with a month and a half supply of toilet paper. 
It was awesome. 
And then one day, that amazing antique french armoire arrived. 
And I fell head over heels in love with it- and that reproduction? 
Well, it had to exit. 

And this newly painted hutch just didn't quite have the same charm any more.
And I have been looking at it and saying...
 'What was I thinking'
and have come up with this: 

1. I love floral painted furniture. 
2. I love french style floral painted furniture.
3. I love flowers.
4. I might have been obsessed. 
5. Did I mention that I love floral painted furniture? 

You can probably sum it up with 4 and 5. 
And the obsession continued long after this piece joined the house...  
when a couple more vintage pieces joined the fam.
And so... here we are. A not so vintage, reproduction piece that well... needs something.

But you know I am a huge sucker for a diamond in the rough and a piece that has potential.
Do you remember the story of this cottage and where we started? 
I might not be so gutsy to tackle a project like this house again...
But a piece of furniture?
 I am going for it.

These floral embellishments? 
No more.

That sponge painted green?
 It decided it wants to be a different color -and that basket of flowers? 
Well, they dried and are ready to be made into a wreath or something. 

Basically, I still have love for this basics of this new piece that I found over 15 years ago...
but my style has changed right along with this house, wardrobe and photography
 and it is time for a new look. 

I have something in mind. 
And I will share the inspiration piece (and if this actually turns out to look anything like it) soon. 

But right now...
 I am currently covered in sprinkles of flocking
 and putting up a half a dozen trees... 
all things Merry and Bright starts right here on my blog tomorrow.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone.

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  1. Happy Halloween to you as well, Courtney. Cheers, Ardith

  2. You are just fun :) I'm looking forward to the merry and bright! Happy Halloween!

  3. I can see why you feel in love with the secretary, very pretty and I'm looking forward to see how you transform it.
    Happy Halloween!
    Kathleen in Az

  4. Nobody starts out knowing everything--lessons come along the way. Your secretary is charming, even if it isn't the real deal. I can't wait to see what you do with it.
    And the Christmas décor, too--it is so mild here I cannot begin to get in the mood.