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A romantic holiday party table setting

I am all about romantic details over here.
They might be as simple as a bouquet on a small table in a room
or flower petals collecting on a table top.

And sometimes romance is the flicker of candles lighting the evening
or the way that the sun setting sends shimmering
 light through the trees.

And when it comes to inspired table settings for the holidays, 
gathering up that romance and sprinkling it all around 
to mingle with twinkling Christmas trees?
Yes, please.

I gathered up some of that magic and a few pretty elements for setting a Thanksgiving table
I partnered with Horchow on styling recently- 
and I am excited to shared a look at how it came together.

1, 2, 3 

When I was designing the setting, I started by choosing place settings.
Since I wasn't sure what flowers I would use for the centerpiece or if I would simply use greens,
I kept the place settings simple & romantic.

I found this set of barely blushing watercolor plates and carved wood chargers 
and fell in love with the juxtaposition.

I love the carved details and soft shabby paint on these wood chargers-
absolutely beautiful.

I paired them with polished gold flatware 
and plum wine glasses to round out each setting.


Pretty much obsessed with cheese and crackers for entertaining
(or evening snacking)
For a simple and easy to put together cheese and cracker platter
think blocks of feta, pepperjack, brie and creamy goat cheese.
You can add grapes, sweetened cranberries or apple slices for a touch of fruit
along with several different crackers for variety.
Of course, another favorite- baked brie.


Of course there are the traditional pumpkin, apple and pecan pies

but what about a decadent chocolate mousse topped 
with fresh fruit dipped in dark chocolate?

I am obsessed.

Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, a layer of ganache and dipped fruit?
So. good. 

While I worked away, the sun set behind the trees
and the candles started to light the table just a bit more...

so I grabbed a few evening photos as well.

And am definitely loving that glow.

Details, Details, Details  

Think of similar tones for place settings.
Blush plates, whitewashed chargers, a touch of elegant gold and the plum wine stems
tie together the soft romantic tones of the plates.

Carved wood details on the chargers add a rustic elegance-
and I am in love with the angles and high polish on the gold flatware
which adds a little drama.


I found these blush old fashioned glasses and fell in love
and immediately thought of them for holding flowers for a centerpiece.

I created several bouquets 

and then marched them down the center of the table.

Simple yet charming.

Bar Cart Details

Ever since that little gold bar cart arrived, I have been enjoying playing with it
and adding elements. Who knew they could be so much fun to change?

A collection of pretty pink vintage style bottlebrush trees 

whose muted colors and cute details 
quite literally made me fall in love with them at first sight.

Were perfect for dressing up the bar cart with a touch of whimsy.

I also added a couple decanters in gorgeous 
jewel & blush tones to mix and mingle with the gold and crystal.

I love the little brassy tags and cut crystal stoppers- so pretty.
And rich amethyst colored velvet stockings were the finishing touch.

All the details on where to shop the look are below
but I wanted to say something quickly.
 I feel like this time of year especially, there is a lot of pressure
to have the perfect everything. 
And you know,  that 'perfect' idea you might have in mind?
set it aside.
It doesn't need to be 'perfect' to be perfect. 
(if that makes sense.)
The dishes, the table, the flatware, the flowers, the food...
it is all fluid and workable and up to your interpretation.
And it will all come together beautifully and your friends and family will enjoy it.
So.. breathe in... breathe out and enjoy.

If you want to shop the look- good news- 
you can shop this look just in time for holiday entertaining ON SALE.
Offer valid 5pm CST 11/17 - 9am CST 11/22.

And for more savings- try NEWHOME for 25% off
and sign up for emails for 20% off your purchase.
I also love the free shipping coupon INCIRCLE

Hope that helps!

Here are the (affiliate) links if you would like more info 
Shop the look:

Plum Decanter

I am back home from a busy couple of days of travel and work with my Balsam Hill family.
And yes, live television happened. 
And I didn't trip or pass out- so I would call that a success.
I will share a recap of all the trees we decorated at CBS, 
what behind the scenes on a tv set is like
what I talked about on the show
and something fun coming your way if you are in northern California- 
 You could win a holiday makeover with Balsam Hill, CBS and moi.
And yes, it will involve TV again.

More coming soon.

Happy Monday and almost Thanksgiving everyone!

I partnered with Horchow to bring a few inspirations for a tablesetting for Thanksgiving to you-
but all opinions and designs are my own.

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  1. Just a note...not all of these items are marked down. Love the chargers but they are pricey.

    1. Yeah, I noticed there were not included in the sale this morning- sorry about that! I added a couple of coupon codes that might work- and I would definitely keep an eye on the chargers pricing- they are amazing amazing in person.

  2. Wow, so beautiful and romantic! I am inspired....

  3. I love the old fashioned glasses holding the beautiful fresh flowers for your centerpiece. Very romantic. The blush place settings are soft and romantic too. Nothing like a romantic table.