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Random weekend

Happy Sunday after Thanksgiving!

This weekend I am covered in fresh greens and flocking and working away during the day
and taking advantage of the sales and shopping in the evening. And trying to be good and not keep nibbling on the leftovers...
And this morning it is all about randomness. 

A proposal

My baby brother Evan proposed to his girlfriend Denee on Thanksgiving... 
and we are so excited that she will officially be joining the family! 

Live Television

I did not trip on live tv last weekend. Or say anything terribly embarrassing.
So, I call that a complete success from how I measure it.


I might have more than one tree in the bedroom right now.
And I don't hate it. 

A fresh look

While working on a styling- I decided to paint something that didn't go.
It is a work in progress but so far... loving it.

Fresh greens

If you are allergic to fresh greens such as cedar- don't use them on the table where you sit
each day. #sneezefest
But look at that gold deliciousness that just arrived from Arte Italica?
Obsessed doesn't even begin...

And one from the past this weekend.

One of my favorite Christmas songs played by one of my favorite big boys.

A story about that time that the heavy metal band played that Christmas show in a not so great part of town  and it was my most favorite show that they played.
(They look angry and mean- but they most definitely are not.)

And I might have done some shopping this weekend for moi.
I can't help it. 
So much good stuff on sale...I will share what I am buying 
and for who with some gift ideas coming your way
Along with a table setting
and a tour of my home sprinkled with Christmas magic 
and sales, High Point Market trends and more
coming your way this week.
I might be posting more often than usual coming up.

And coming soon- I will be sharing some of my favorite gift ideas
from some of my favorite sales this weekend.
Like a pretty little star crown for the romantics-love these with a candle and books on a side table.
On sale for an extra 15% off at Bella Cottage code: bfcm2016

and this gold initial necklace-  30% off with LETSGO

(some affiliates)

Happy Weekend everyone.

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  1. .congrats to your family with a new member. The beauty here is breathtaking, I cannot wait to see the paint project completed.
    See you and your beautiful holiday home soon.