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Simple easy tips for sprinkling a little magic on your holiday table

I have a to do list a mile long today.
It includes baking cookies. Wrapping presents. Playing with a little porch decorating.

And buying a new coffee maker.

Apparently, all that extra coffee I have been making the past couple of months
has pushed the coffee maker over the edge. 
And it gave notice and packed the office up this morning.

Thankfully, it did brew the coffee for me before quitting this morning.
So when I got up at 4:30 am (why?) I had a nice hot cup of coffee waiting for me
while I pondered why the coffee maker wasn't glowing.
And the refrigerator wasn't running.
And realized that somewhere in that fed up coffee maker fit
it quite literally short circuited and tripped the breaker.

So I just shook my head, sipped my coffee and instead of focusing on why the coffee maker decided we needed to break up...
put on the Christmas music and got to work editing photos by Christmas tree twinkle.
And today it is all about sprinkling a little holiday magic
on your table.

Setting a pretty table is always a favorite thing to do over here.
I might even venture to say that I am obsessed. But just a little.
And only in a good way of course.

There is just something about choosing table top elements and mixing and mingling them
to create a stunning spot for guests
and that is super easy to do last minute.

From choosing the garland, to the flowers, to the place settings- 
it is all about simple and easy details that make a big impact.

For a simple and enchanting holiday table- 
start with simple.

#1. Think Fresh 

No fuss, no gathering clippings, no need to go crazy right before Christmas
when you have that to-do list to tend to.
But you need a green centerpiece for your holiday table.
Grab a fresh garland and lay it down the center. 
Garlands are everywhere right now- and you might even find them discounted.

#2. Add blooms

Flowers automatically make everything more inviting.
A keep it simple tip (and last minute idea) is to use good old market flowers. 
Those ones in the grocery store that are inexpensive and easy to pick up on your way to get more almond milk and the cream cheese you forgot.
These roses and peonies are both from our local grocery store.
I created 3 little bouquets with just the two of them
and added a few sprigs of cedar for a festive touch. 
Simple and done.

#4. Sprinkle Ambiance

The all important ambiance. 
For this table outdoors - it is all about the twinkle from the orchard in the back.
But table top is also a perfect spot for ambiance- and works indoors and out.
Candles in various sizes and heights flickering and glowing away are perfect.
And don't forget a little holiday music on the ipod as well.

#5. All that Midas Touch

Can we talk about how if you add gold to anything it automatically makes it amazingly decadent?
Of course, that is if you like gold- and if it isn't covering every.detail. because then it is just 

But for an easy simple way to add an elegant touch - simply add gold.
Think flatware. Chargers. Even wine glasses or candle cups.
It doesn't have to be crazy. 

My favorite thing about this table setting is that those beautiful decadent chargers
and gold details look incredible on the rustic bare wood table.
The mix and mingle. 

#5. A touch of vintage 

I have a confession. I used to not be a fan of amber colored glass.
It was too eh... for me.  It reminded me of some of those vintage glasses that were too brown amber rather than yellow amber and I just didn't feel it.
Until a set of little dessert dishes arrived in the wrong color. 
They were amber and gold instead of clear and gold.
And I didn't realize right away- because I was too busy oohing and ahhing over them.
And now... I am a huge fan of amber colored glass.
On top of adding a warm touch for a table- it definitely brings a delicate vintage feeling.
So get out those glasses and amber bits in storage and give them a try on your table.

They really do look amazing on the table and they give a nod to vintage style
and charm which is always a nice touch.

Shop the look here:

 Amber Medici glasses
 Vetro gold wine glasses

For more holiday table inspiration:

No matter how you set the table, 
if the centerpiece is what you thought it would be
and if the food is served on time
remember that however your holiday table is set is perfect.

It is about creating a spot for friends and family and enjoying time together
making memories.

So don't stress- keep it simple.
Because if you are like me...
you have those presents to wrap, that baked brie to make, 
and those last minute errands to run...
and then there is that interview for potential candidates for the coffee maker position 
that needs to be filled by tomorrow.
And... if anyone has hard working and long lasting coffee maker recommendations- 
I welcome them.

See you soon for a little more holiday magic.
Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. I hate when appliances break...especially coffee makers! Lucky the fridge didn't "quit".....
    anyway, we have been using a cuisinart coffee maker for years excellent one. We had bought a Delonghi...but weren't impressed and returned it....
    Hope your Christmas is wonderful!

  2. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately you have to contend with an appliance break down. Hopefully you find one that looks fabulous in your kitchen and makes fantastic coffee. If you do -- please let me know.

  3. When you Google "Christmas Magic" the first thing that pops up is "French Country Cottage"
    Truly magical....I am in the market for a new coffee maker Capresso is on it's last leg or cup!
    Have a Merry Day Courtney!