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On The Table~ Natale Christmas table setting

Have you noticed that I am a huge fan of pretty table settings?

Ones with fresh flowers & candles marching down the center
with elegant stemware and pretty little place settings set out under the stars.
And those outdoor tables are my favorites.
But today... 
we are moving inside the house for Christmas dining inspiration.

Of course,  dining outdoors is always going to be a favorite of mine.
And being in California- we can do enjoy outdoor table settings most of the year.
And I did just work on several tables out there that I can hardly wait to share with you.

But indoor dining is just as elegant and inspired.
For Christmas entertaining and for simple every day celebrations and occasions.

I shared a peek at our dining room wearing a sprinkling of Christmas last week
and a little glimpse at my wine country inspired tree.

More about that tree coming your way tomorrow.

Today... in the first installment of a new series all about table settings 
and entertaining called

On The Table 

I am talking table top and some of the most charming & elegant
Christmas dishes I have seen...
an answer to a reader question.

A recent question was all
about if traditional can be elegant and inspired.

And that is exactly what inspired this table.

Elegance comes in all forms. 
And elegant table settings are not just tables that look like storybook wedding settings.
Though, yes, I am a huge fan of that over the top gorgeousness- 
but every day elegance is something that I love.

Truth be told
simple elegant touches and charm are one of my favorite looks. 
And mixing pieces that are super elegant 
with the more traditional feel good Christmas style such as these dishes
were a natural union.

with their watercolor trees and elegant hand painted details
 were the perfect place settings for this table that was all about the mix.

I am a huge sucker for artisan details and old fashioned holiday stylings.
They make me feel like I am coming home for Christmas - so when Arte Italica reached out and shared their brand new winter inspired place settings- Natale 
I took one look and was in love.

I absolutely adore the subtle frosty snow on those trees 
and  I love that these place settings can go from Holiday cheer to Winter Warmth 
and be enjoyed all season long.

They are made in Italy and hand painted - and so each piece is unique which I love.
For this setting, 
I paired them with my absolute favorite white pattern- Finezza 
and also with amber Medici wine glass with those fleur de lis details and Vetro gold wine glasses 
for a touch of elegance.

For the centerpiece-
 there has been something about pale peach roses for Christmas that 
has been speaking my name recently.

I used a pre-made cedar garland for centerpiece greenery- simply laying it down the table

 and then added 3 small bouquets
 of pale roses & peonies in copper mercury glass containers

 and then filled it in with a few candles for that warm ambiance.

All together,
 they create a traditional and elegant table styling for Christmas 
and winter entertaining.

Coming your way tomorrow...
a closer look and all the details about this 
wine country inspired Christmas tree.

Happy holiday entertaining everyone.

I partnered with Arte Italica for this table setting but all opinions,
stylings and obsession and insane love of all things Arte Italica 
are my own.

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  1. Those plates are adorable! What a lovely setting. The glow of the tree just makes it perfect. I normally do a paper tablescape each month because that is where we are at with little ones. This has me dreaming of pulling out the china for a more elegant tablescape. You are always so inspiring Courtney.


  2. The Christmas tree and the table setting is absolutely stunning!
    Your love of flowers and tablescapes shines in this post.
    Kathleen in Az

  3. Seriously...took my breath away...

  4. This room is absolutely beautiful, I especially love the table setting!

  5. All the photos are just awesome, love the dinnerware. The Flowers are so pretty.

  6. Beautiful and inspirational simplicity. This dishwater is very similar to a holiday set of Vietre I have had for years and still use every year in the dining room.

  7. sorry, not dishwater....dishware...bad computer

  8. Scrumptious in every way. I'm with you on those plates. Just wondering though-- it looks like you have 2 dinner plates over the base white one. Is that correct? Is there a secret here? I'm dying to know!!

    1. I totally see what you are saying! But no- just one dinner plate. It may be the raised detailed ridge on the charger which makes it look like a second plate. :)

  9. Those plates have my name on them, I know they do ;-) Growing up in an Italian household Natale was so important. It meant family, good food, and the coming of Christ. WOW! I simply love your tree and your table setting.

  10. These are so beautiful. I love the watercolor details and the soft colors. And you styled it all just perfectly. These just got added to my wish list!