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Bold and Beautiful Friday- Orange, Pink & Gold

In my soft and muted pastel colored world...
I love to surround myself with all those pretty little barely blushing
and vintage inspired colors.

But sometimes on a random occasion...
I get a wild hair.

I wandered through the flower market recently in search of the perfect palette 
for an upcoming project.
One that had blush pinks, whites, soft sage greens and those delightful
faded colors in abundance.
And as I picked up hydrangeas, pale pink roses and an arm full of dollar & spiral eucalyptus...
I spotted something colorful that stopped me in my tracks.

A sea of beautiful gorgeous orange and hot pink Italian ranunculus.
I know what you are thinking. 
Orange and hot pink do not fit my soft cottage style...
I mean, they are bold pops of color
that really do make a bold statement anywhere you used them.

But actually...
I have used hot pink and orange in my stylings before.

Remember that blue & white pot filled with ranunculus?
They were more hot pink than orange...
but I did love those warm tones mingling.

So you see... though that orange is not my usual color...
these ranunculus were so beautiful
that I simply had to bring them home with me.

After styling them for a project I am working on- 
I decided to play a bit
and got out a few pieces of Arte Italica Vetro Gold 
to mix and mingle.

Vetro Gold is an incredible pattern and the details are simply exquisite.

I layered it with Finezza which is my favorite dish pattern
A little closer look at all those details.... 
so good.

And with the orange and pink ranunculus...
it is bold and beautiful perfection.

Shop the look here:
 Vetro gold wine glasses

Happy bold and beautiful Friday everyone!


  1. I love love love ranunculus. And I adore hot pink with orange--so tangy! Like raspberry and orange sorbets.
    And pink--whether dark or pale--and orange both work so well with blue, especially Delft blue.
    So you have even more than my usual admiration with your flower arrangement this time.

  2. I LOVE ranunculus (as much as I love peonies) and I just love that pink with the orange! I usually hate orange (sorry orange!) but your photos have made me rethink that! Beautiful!!!

  3. Love your choice of flowers in the photos, I think they look awesome!! Looks dress up for Valentines :)

  4. I love that color choice with your table setting! Just perfect with the gold.