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7 inspirations for marble and wallpaper bathroom designs

Have I mentioned that we have had a bit of rain here in California?

antique door leading into a cottage bathroom

Just a bit. 
And when it rains in huge amounts like it has been- it can cause a few issues. And it has.
Flooding, downed trees, no power, landslides and more.  

And remember how I mentioned that we had a wee drip of water in the bathroom coming from somewhere? 
Yeah. We patched it. 
But the water damage was already there.

Which means two things.
1. Out with the old 
2. In with the new

gold table with flowers in bathroom

Basically, we had already started with a couple updates on this bathroom
but when I got to the point of changing that wallpaper that I absolutely love...
 I paused.  

french bathroom with wallpaper

You see... I love that wallpaper like love love love that wallpaper. 
 And though it hasn't been a perfect match with the marble- I haven't completely hated it either.  
And so I have left it up for a bit... I guess I needed something to push me over the edge to refresh it. 
And with the water damage on the wall by the window- well, it did just that. 
We have to replace it. 
Thank goodness that we aren't starting with a bathroom that looked like this one did when we bought it again... it gives us shudders even now...
You can see all the lovely before in this old post with very tiny dark photos if you are so inclined.

french cottage bathroom
After feeling a little iffy about it, I am moving towards excitement and am searching for the look that speaks to me. 
The one that says 'Elegant cottage with a little 'french' twist.' 
One that mingles pretty marble with pretty gold and a pop of pattern or texture 
that mixes in perfectly.

And that means I am searching for some inspirations.

I love marble with wood- but we did that in the bathroom down the hall
so not sure I want to go in that direction again in here... 
but I am not ruling it out The wood walls definitely fit this house and the style so 
putting them back into this bathroom is a possibility.

marble subway tile in bathroom

And in defense of marble with warm toned wallpaper- I do love this one with coral wallpaper- so pretty.

via decor pad

And a few others proving that wallpaper and marble go together like a horse and carriage.

Via Style Me Pretty
This one is pretty- love the black and white toile but honestly, it feels a little on the 'cool' side for me color wise. I tend to gravitate more towards those warmer tones.

Via Decor Pad
So maybe more Navy is key... Navy is a little warmer than black- and it is oh so pretty here-
and here.

Via Decor Pad
But honestly... this one speaks to me the most
at the moment.

I love the soft subtle and warm colors and bit of whimsy in the print.

But of course patterned wallpaper isn't the only option.
Since we aren't much for drywall and taping and texturing in this wood paneled cottage
I have thought about using a very  simple grasscloth or even a textured wallpaper 
to achieve a clean look.

Of course I pretty much love everything in this one.
The mirror, the marble, the vanity... all of it.

So that is where we are currently... 
searching for the perfect fit for this renovation and gearing up to get the damaged areas wiped away. Another FUN demo and rebuild project. 
 Have I mentioned that it is a good thing my dad is a contractor? 
Yep, I think when buying this house 
it probably should have been a requirement to have one in the family.

Happy Friday Favorites everyone.


  1. Good luck with the rain. We had a TON of rain in just a day or two, and the river rose and rose and it was terrifying to be nose to nose with it way up high, when usually it isn't big enough to get your ankles wet.
    My mom LOVED her bathroom wallpaper, so I know where you're coming from. Where do you have marble? Or are you planning to put some in? Because it seems that the marble, which is forever, has to dictate the wallpaper, which can be changed.

    1. Yes, we do have some marble in this bathroom (it has already been partially updated) so am looking for a paper that compliments. I don't HATE the red toile with the marble- and I definitely LOVE the pattern- but it isn't necessarily a good match. And with the water damage- I am fairly certain it will have to be replaced.

  2. Hello, Have you considered Crema Marfil marble? It is a very light cream color with faint gold veining. I have used it in each of my last 3 homes. It does not look good with gray tones but will work well with black, Oil rubbed bronze and colors that are on the "warm" side of the color wheel. You mentioned that you wanted to use some gold. So, this may be the marble for you!

    Smiles from Charlotte Des Fleurs

    1. I already have some marble in place in this bathroom- but a creamy marble would be gorgeous!

  3. I love that original wallpaper! Perhaps you can find something similar.

  4. If I had to choose, I would choose your present wallpaper over the one you said you like the best--the one with the birds. The bird one seems a little boring to me or something, not sure why it doesn't speak to me like the other one. Could you find the other one again, or is it obsolete?

    You have given me an idea for my own bathroom, though, which is much in need of some renovation. I have matte white laminate on the countertop and I have come to hate it because it stains and I have to scrub, scrub, scrub to get it looking clean. I haven't considered marble because of the cost, but I think I might go with quartz in there. Somehow the talk about marble made me think of that counter and from there I went to quartz as a more affordable alternative. To conclude, thanks for the post!

    1. Yeah, the wall paper is definitely a favorite. And you know, I am somewhat attached to it after having it in the bathroom for so long. But I am reminded that sometimes you need a change here and there- and if I can salvage it- all bets are off on something new. But it is looking like it will need to be replaced. :(

  5. Oh goodness, Courtney! These are all gorgeous and inspiring pics!💕💕

  6. Your favorite photo has a backsplash similar to those on antique french vanities. I know because I've had my eye on them for a while now :) The bathroom in this photo is beautiful and I like it a lot, but it appears, to me anyway, to be more on the mod side of french (where trends have been going) rather than traditional. Probably because of the angular vessel sink and no vanity base or skirt. I'd totally do this look in my own home, but I'd add a skirt or vanity base. Love it!

    1. Oh I honestly didn't even look at the vanities in the designs that much haha! I definitely love more vintage and traditional there- the ones that appear to be vintage furniture always talk to me but they are harder to fit into a space easily sometimes.

  7. You are so brave! I know I just stall anymore at making decisions. But you were my flower inspiration, now you are kicking me in my behind to do something I want to do and not complain about it. Our rooms need to be lightened up -- BIG TIME! So I"m looking for paint -- some colors that will flow and and make me smile. Do you think that's too big of an order? Hope you see some sunshine soon. :-) Happy weekend.

    1. Oh goodness, I hear you. I have to remind myself to listen to what I know I love and go with it... because I have to make myself happy since it is in my home haha! It is not always the easiest for sure.

  8. Courtney, these are all beautiful bathrooms, I especially love that reclaimed wood counter, love the pink bird wallpaper too but I find the wallpaper does not convey "French" to me but more of an "Asian" style. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be beautiful and I look forward to seeing the finished renovation.

    1. I can totally see that too. I am not going with any of these inspirations-they were just ones that stood out to me as pretty for one reason or another while searching for something that I love as much as the toile. :)

  9. I love that original wallpaper....find one just like it....and then let us know where you got it.....

  10. Is there any way to blend the current wallpaper and marble? They're both so lovely, there must be some way to get them to play well together. Maybe introducing a third material? Wood wainscoting maybe? Just thinking out loud. I really like that wallpaper!

  11. I meant to say the finish on the wainscoting. Whoops

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